Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Some stuff

In recent events, I got a e-mail from Seth Horan - his new CD ("Conduit") is going to be released September 7th! If you pre-order though, you will get a CD of his live music, absolutely free! The live CD is not available any other way. :-P


Seth Horan is awesome. Thought I'd share.

Also, I am bored. I'm starting to wish I had gotten up earlier this morning so that I could be gone already. But no, I've still got a good 30 minutes left. I don't like the lack of meetings and things to give my day some structure. I also don't have a deadline for what I'm doing now, so that doesn't help me plan things out either. *shrug* I think I'll cross-post the Seth info over to FolkFans.
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