Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Auditions for Children of Eden

I left here at 6:05pm. Audition were to start at 7pm in down town Rochester, but I can never find stuff on Broad way 'cuz the numbers are screwy and it is hard to go slow, so I figured I'd leave uber early to give me time to get there, find someplace to park, and to fill out forms or whatever. Drove around the block 3 times trying to locate the theatre on Broadway (314 1/2... geez). It's tucked away and hard to see under the awnings. Parked in the back. Not too difficult. The meters didn't have times on them, so I assumed after 6 on a Monday they weren't being checked (I was right -- good thing, too, I didn't have any quarters).

Walked around the block to the front of the building and went in, go up the stairs (no where else to go? What about handicapped? I forgot to ask), and peek around. No one was anywhere. Then a few people came out of the theatre (it's like the studio theatre at HACC! Ahh... memories, even smelled like it), they were giving a tour to this girl (H.S. age) that was going to start working there in the Box Office for the summer. I was 40 minutes early. :-P So, they told me to go into the other room and wait. And wait I did. This room is where the audience goes for intermission. There is a bar at one end of the room and a stereo at the other. Sofas, chairs and things scattered around. All pretty small sized furniture though, 'cuz it wasn't a big room. Pictures on the walls of past shows. I spent my time looking at them, seeing if I knew the shows or had seen them. I know a lot of shows! Most of them from people doing monologues and skits at HACC, and a lot from Musical Theatre class.

At about 6:40 Mary came in. A familiar face! She was in Running in the Red! We had something to talk about. :-) Told her how much I loved it and how great it was (no lies there!) and she told me that she was helping out with auditions and such and that she is involved in many of the theatres in the area. (It's like a little crowd... everyone knows everyone. Very cool). Then Alicia came in. She was the pianist when I went to Mantorville to see that show! Coolies. Told her how much I enjoyed it. Much chatting ensued. She's going to be a junior @ some local university in the Fall. Majoring in Theatre. Lucky. :-P

There was a pile of assorted Broadway song books. I was in Heaven looking through those. :-) Alicia was singing to Mary and it was very enjoyable. There were a couple of older men that kept going in and out, (everyone knew each other but me) but they didn't seem to be staying. :-P Debra (Deb) and Patricia (Pat) also came to audition, also knew everyone. They had all done shows with each other (or each other's kids) at one time or another. Pat and Debra are probably in their late 40s.

Alicia had to go to rehearsal in Mantorville, so she went first. Sang and then did a reading. Then I went. Singing part went very well. Pianist played a little too loud, but that was okay, because I can always be LOUDER! :-D Tempo was great and I was rockin'. Then the director (Cathy) had me do some scales - syllable "Beep". Weird syllable. Whatever. Hard to sing Beep 500 times in a row. *shrug* I got to a F# solidly. Must have been a good day. Told her I could get down to a F below middle C. She didn't have me do it, though. (I was practicing before I left. :-P )

Then went back into the other room. (Audition part was in the theatre itself). Got my reading from Mary. Okay. I'm reading for Eve. The first woman. How? This is very interesting. I mean, I knew the story, but I hadn't really thought about the characters and their motivation before I had these 2 pages of the script in front of me. Eve's monologue talking to God ("Father") after Able was killed, after Cain had left, after Seth had wed, after Adam had died. What was she feeling? What was she going through? Of course, I have vague notions, but to realize she was the FIRST WOMAN to lose her sons. To lose her husband, the first man. This is something that is difficult to portray.

When I went back in to read, I did the best that I could. I couldn't see this scene as the typical "over-done acting" that is normal in a musical. It is so somber. Read through it once with my spin on emphasis and such, and then Cathy (director) gave me some pointers and I tried it again from the middle some place. I felt it more that time. I started sniffling - hope they didn't think I was just over doing it - I didn't realize it 'til I was done. I thought it went well, though, considering.

Then Deb and Pat read -- they read opposite each other, Pat as the Snake and Deb as Eve. I wish I coulda seen that. :-P They are a riot, though.

Then the three of us did a bit of improve. Each separately. Deb had to portray the moments before telling her husband (Played by Cathy's husband) that she'd just backed into his precious vintage Chevy.
I had to portray the moments before telling my husband (again, played by Cathy's husband) that we had just one some gross amount of money from the publisher's clearing house. Okay, that was fun. The whole thing was supposed to be silent. Emotions: Skepticism. Disbelief. Excitement. More Disbelief. Realization. Shock. Jumping up and down! :-) It was great. Got to use a lot of energy that I haven't gotten to in a while. :-P
Pat (who is apparently an actual physician at Mayo) had to portray the moments before she, the doctor, had to tell Deb, the 78 year old Nun, that Deb was pregnant. hehe.... They were both great. :-) It was a lot of fun, and in an hour we bonded. :-) Deb is going to maybe try out tomorrow for All Night Strut with me. :-) Coolies.

After the improv we were done and we were discussing actual doctor-patient relations. Apparently Cathy and Deb have worked on putting together informational videos for Mayo students on the topic. All very interesting. Audition, done.

The three of us girls walked out together and were talking about how much fun it would be to do a show together. :-) I know names and faces. Coolies. :-)

This was a great prep for tomorrow's auditions. The All Night Strut has a cast of 4. One on each voice part. Oh, man, that would be so cool. :-) I'm excited. Dancing tomorrow, too. :-) Figures I didn't bring my jazz shoes out with me. Oh, well, my brown shoes will suffice for now.

Wow that was a long post -- haven't done one of those for a while! :-) Hope you enjoyed it. :-)
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