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Weekend Rundown


Gosh invited Matt and I to go to dinner at Red Lobster with some of his friends. I drove and we got to Red Lobster at about 6pm. Gosh was already there with Brian Preston (who goes by his last name). The wait was about 90 minutes, which was too long for them. I didn't think we were going to get much better than that downtown on a Friday night, but I was wrong. We ended up walking a few blocks south to a burger joint that was in the back and upstairs of this rather trendy bistro (I would have rather eaten there. :-P). The seating was first come, first serve and there weren't any tables open, so we claimed the end of the bar. Renee and her friend Stacy met us there. Renee had a brand new $200 cowboy hat which she ended up "losing" even though it never moved. I don't know how none of us saw it there. It must have blended into the floor. Weird sitting at the bar. But fun. :-) Had some really good fish and chips. I was in the mood for seafood after thinking about Red Lobster all day. The burgers looked really good, and they were HUGE. Have to go back there sometime. After we were finished, we walked to Kathy's Bar (which it turned out, was right across the street from where I had parked!) because it was someone's going-away-party. There was a separate room for us upstairs. We played a couple of games of darts (Gosh and I got our butts kicked, darn hustlers). Then watched some pool playing and when home and watched the encore presentation of Monk @ 11. *yea* Monk. I have to figure out how to work the VCR so I don't have to listen to Gosh dis it while I'm watching. He's worse than Daniel and Joan of Arcadia. :-P

Slept in. Got up and went to see A Cinderella Story. Cute movie. I didn't even have to wear a bag over my head! *yea* Went home and then got some maps and stuff together and hopped in the car and drove up to Minneapolis. :-) It was the perfect day for a drive. About and hour and 15-20 to the city. Then I drove around for a good hour trying to find The Illusion After I found the theatre district, I parked in a garage on the same street and walked around a bit. Found my way into the skyway system and wandered around looking for a rest room. Latching the stall door, I ended up splitting my thumbnail really bad. :-/ And of course, most of the stores in the skyway system were closed at 6 (on a Saturday?!?). It was like 10 after. Stupid. So, I decided not to worry about it and to find some dinner stuffs. There were a bunch of sit down restaurants, but I didn't really have time for that 'cuz there were lots of people. So, I wandered and found a nice subway-esk mexican place. Got a really good Quessidilla and some blue corn chips and salsa. And a "small" (30oz?) Mr. Pibb. There was a very nice lady having dinner with her husband who had a pair of nail scissors in her purse -- that worked a lot better than clippers would have... it was really low. blah. Anyway, food was delish! :-) Did some people watching. Then around 7 I went back outside and walked around looking for The Illusion. Turns out it's in the Hennepin Civic Theatre Center(or something) on the 8th floor! Really cool! The building was all 1870s and stuff. Neat archetecture. Really big elevator. I got my ticket and read all the stuff on the walls. Watched the street below from the window. It's amazing what you can see from 8 stories up! Show started at a bit after eight.

OMG. I've never seen anything like that in my entire life. A 2 person show with 8+ characters! It was a dance show, it was a comedy, it was a drama, it was about PIRATES!, it was about falling in love, it was about how Walt Disney got the land for Disneyland. It was wonderfully charming and a brilliant work of art. About an hour long and then the audience was invited to stay for a discussion after the show. I stayed and it lasted about 45 minutes. I was in heaven. It has been so long since I was able to participate in an intellegent discussion/critic like this. It was great because we dicussed the story line, the dialouge, the dancing, the music, the lighting, the characterization, movement and stage usage.... ahh... wonderfulness. :-) Left a little before 10, and I was in my car driving towards the Mississippi at exactly 10pm -- when the fireworks started. I had forgotten about them, actually. They were shooting fireworks off from the river as part of the festival that was going on. Really cool because they took up the whole sky in front of my car. There really was no where to park and watch them, so I just drove towards the river and then went down a street and drove back towards the high way.... watching the fireworks in my rearview mirror. Really cool. :-D Drive home was rather uneventful -- very dark driving through the middle of nowhere. :-P Heather called and we talked about our days... and then I got home... still talking to Heather we didn't hang up 'til almost 1am here... 2am EST. oops. :-P Wonderful ending to a wonderful day. :-D *yea*

Called my Dad and sang him Happy Birthday! :-D Happy Birthday, Dad! :-) Got to talk to Albert -- I don't know what the deal was, but I could barely understand him. He was talking about Twinkies and I thought he was saying "cake sweets". Weirdness. He really likes the piano books I sent him. He even played part of Hedwigs Theme for me. Piano doesn't sound good through the phone. :-P

Went to see The Clearing. Wonderful Cinematography. Ah. Made me swoon... (but then it was Robert Redford). William DeFoe is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT villian. I don't know how he is so friggen creepy. I don't think he could ever play a good guy convincingly for me. He just does a wonderful job at weirding me out. Craig Armstrong did an amazing job with the score - that combined with the combination of close up shots and wide shots had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire hour and a half. Really an exhausting picture to watch.
Went to Culvers afterwards. And then I came home and wrote about my weekend. And now it is now. 5:15. The weekend is almost over. :-(
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