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This morning I broke down and dug out my duffel bag of winter clothes. I am sporting a lovely medium weight sweater. The high for today is 59. If it doesn't go over 58 today will break the record for the lowest high temperature on this date EVar. Yeah, so, how about those Hot August Nights? D'oh. I woke up to a cold room this morning... and my bed was so nice and warm... and I was having a lovely dream... didn't want to get out of bed. But getting out of bed made me get in the shower(HOT WATER) very quickly. I've gotta talk to Matt about turning off the a/c and turning on the heat, but the annoying thing is that my room gets kinda warm in the evenings. *shrug* Oh, well.

Rehearsals for Children of Eden are going extremely, extremely well. As of last night, we've learned all the songs and been over most of the stuff 2-3 times. Tonight we start blocking from the beginning of the show! I am so excited to be on the other side of the blocking process for once (okay, so I got blocked in Soap Opera but that didn't count since I had that one spot on the stage to walk out to and walk back. :-P ). I've got 4-5 solos at this point. One is part of a duet with Eve -- I get to sing the tenor solo. I <3 tenor solos. I can be so much more confident about them because I don't have to worry about not being able to hit a note or whatever - I know that my range will cover it.

As for work, um, I've been writing this... yesterday I wrote up my bio... and neopets has been a constant source of entertainment (neofriend me! "tenthz"). At this point, I've come to a stand still with my work. Peter is on vacation and won't be back 'til Tuesday and I've got something to show him (code is throwing errors left and right) before I can commit the rest of my work. I've got some reading stuff that he gave me, but it is insanely boring and goes right over my head. So I'm interspersing reading that and doing other things. Like posting just for you. :-) Tomorrow I've got a "Technical Cafe" to attend - they're providing box lunches! *yea* That's 10 minutes I don't have to spend making lunch.

August is quickly passing by. Next week, I've got my doctors appointment (finally), next weekend Albert & Dad are coming to visit (*yea*), the weekend after that, Heather is coming to visit (*YEA*), and then it will be September. People will be going back to school, I'll have an online class to deal with in addition to the show and work. (I wonder if I'll be able to get away with doing class work here... hmmm..) September also marks the half-way point of my co-op and the 17th of Sept is Opening Night! *sigh* how quickly does the time fly. But I'm definitely not complaining this time. :-P

So, that's all I've got for now. But it's an actual update! Go me!



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