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Harry Potter Survey

Name: Catherine
Location: at the moment, Rochester, MN
Age: 21

When did you get into Harry Potter?: About a year or two before the first film came out. My parents gave the first three books to us kids as a Christmas present, and the rest, as they say, is history. :-P

Which is your favorite book?: Prisoner of Azkaban, I've read it upwards of 7 times. I just love the way every piece of the plot fits together so nicely. And Lupin has got to be my favourite DDA teacher.

Who is your favorite character?: Don't make me choose! Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Dumbledore, hehe... Snape.

Least favorite character?: Umbridge. Hands down.

Who do you want to know more about?: The Potter/Evans families and the stuff that happened between the time that the Potters were attacked and when Harry turned 11.

Who is Hermione really going to hook up with?: For real? Ron. Most definitely.

Who is Harry really going to hook up with?: *shrug* I think girls are going to take a back seat 'til Voldemort is out of the picture.

Which house would you be in?: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Do you know your head of house?: Flitwick/Snape

Which would be your favorite subject?: Potions would be pretty cool.

What would your Patronus be?: A Unicorn.

What about your boggart?: probably a Dementor. I fear fear.

Is Sirius really dead?: *sigh* Define: dead.

Who will be Minister of Magic?: hmmmm... maybe someone new. That would be nice. New characters!

What did Dudley see when the Dementers were after him?: uhh... Probably something that he thought was scary, but will really make us laugh when we find out. :-P

What exactly IS that power that Harry has in such abundance, but which Voldemort has none? His mother's love.

What will happen to Grawp?: Hopefully, he will go back to where he came from and we won't hear of him again. He was really starting to piss me off. :-P Poor guy.

Who will teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?: ooooh. Someone really good. Lupin would be nice. Or maybe it will be Tonks! Or someone we know only from OotP.


When do you think that silly sixth book will come out?: Not soon enough. :-P
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