Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I had just arrived at my grandparents house by myself. I don't know why I had gone there, but they weren't expecting me. I went around the house checking the candy dishes (like I usually do ;-P) but they were all filled with packing materials. Then for some reason, I knew someone was going to die this day. First I thought my grandma was getting ready to move, so she was starting to pack things. Then I had this flash back of this guy (who looked like Tony Shalob). He lived in their neighborhood and met them when they moved in. Then I realized my grandma knew she was going to be the one to die. For some reason, I knew this Tony Shalob-esk character was going to try and rob them. Soemthing he said in the flash back, I guess. Then I went in the backyard (which was like our backyard at home, and the house had similar characteristics to our house, too) and I guess he couldn't see me, but "Tony" was there with his son and his wife and they were kinda in the brush. His wife was tied up on the ground and they were arguing about something. Then for some reason, he shot her. And then I thought, good because it wasn't my grandparents would be killed... maybe. He was going to come into the house and steal stuff and maybe kill us.. that's what he said. So then I went back inside and made sure all the doors and windows were locked. I told my grandparents to hide and I was going to call 911... and then I woke up.

Okay, waking up sucked because it was right before the resolution of the dream, and it was like 4 minutes before my alarm was going to go off and I was pretty freaked out. I usually like to sleep those kinda dreams off, but no time today. :-/
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