Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Hmmm... Update?

Well, it looks like I haven't said anything around here lately... which is because I have been so insanely busy! The show is going smashingly (aside from the fact that 2/3rds of the cast almost killed ourselves with 9-yards of green fabric last night). We also realized that, um, oops! We have 2 more chorus numbers to choreograph. Hehe... saw Kathy (director) have a nervous break down. That was amusing. Okay, it wasn't a nervous break down, but it was definitely a major-freak out - "We open in less than a month and the show isn't even all blocked!" HAHA. :-P We've got plenty of time, though, I do feel bad about missing rehearsals to bring Heather from/to the airport, but some sacrifices have to be made! :-D

Heather's flight arrives at 8:05 tonight... landing at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. The directions seem straight forward enough. Hopefully her cell phone gets reception at the terminal or I will just have to drive in circles for a while. :-P
I've got a whole bunch of stuff for us to do & see.... as of right now, we will be heading to La Crosse tomorrow to take a tour of the Brewery there (free samples! :-D ), show Heather the Mighty Small End of the Mighty Mississipp, then head to Kellogg, MN to see the nation's largest independant toy store. There's even a carosel there to ride! Weeee! :-D *excitement*
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