Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Another cool day with Heather:
Lazy morning. Made scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch. Drove down to the Mayowood Mansion. Looked at it. Turned around. Went to Soldiers Field Memorial Park. Went to Silver Lake. Geese != Ducks. Lots of geese poop and eew. But got away from that and it was pretty. Heather took pictures with my camera. Must remember to transfer those. Came home. Sat on the deck and had a snack and Mike's Hard Lemonade. Went to Dos Amigos for dinner. Heather finished her meal and I didn't. =-O :-P Went to rehearsal @ 6. Was done at 7:15!!!!!!!!!!! NO STINKIN WAY! Crazy. Came home. Hung out. Talked in Kitchen for 4 hours. *Yea* Going to do the whole down-town Rochester/Mayo thing tomorrow and then Tuesday is Mall of America Day! WOOOT! :-D So, that's the deal. I'm sure you care. :-P
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