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My shoes.

Okay inspired by Sara, I shall list my shoes for anyone who really gives a *insert something most people don't care about here*.

At Home:
-Glittery gold 2 inch heels from my Senior Prom
- 3 inch platform sandals with faux alligator skin
- Strappy black sandals with 2" heels from Junior Prom
- Off-White flats
- Black flats
- Brown "business"-dress shoes with 2" heels
- Black slip-ons, 3" inch sole

- Goth-esk Calf-height black boots with a 3-4(?) inch sole
- Black dress boots that zip up the front
- Black dress boots that zip up the side(although, I think I finall tossed them with the one heel cracked)

- Naturalizer Sneakers for work(2 pair)
- White tennis shoes from Joseph &the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat(2 pair)
- Dying Sandals that smell but are so comfortable I refuse to get rid of them... what's the brand? Dang it. :-P

- Filas SneakersI($12 at Marshalls, baby)
- Other Sneakers(c/o my mother)

- Black dress slip-on, no back, 1 1/2" sole
- Tan Bass slip-ons, they rock and the soles are starting to go... DAMMIT!

- Black boots, 1 1/2" heel, tie and have silver accents
- Brown "Business"-dres shoes, 2" heels(these are slowly dying)
- Hawaii Sandals... heheheh
- Character/Tap shoes(1 1/2 inch heel)

Total Count: 23.. and it never fails that the pair that I want to wear are not in the same town as I am.... and I think I'm missing something.
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