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Monday & Tuesday

The rest of the Heather Days:
Was Rochester day. I parked the car in the Center St. parking ramp and we walked over to the Gonda Building to find out tour. Asked 3-5 people where the Judd Auditorium was and finally found it. Watched a short video on the history of Mayo and the family and such. Then an hour+ walking tour. The guide wasn't wonderful, but decent. Then we walked around a bit, checked out the shops, and sat outside. We went to starbucks on the corner. Then we went on the art/architecture tour. That one was so much better. The guide knew more than she could have told us in an entire day. She was also very interesting to listen to and she was very enthusiastic about everything. She definitely knew her stuff. And she corrected some info that we got on the first tour. :-P Very good. After that, we walked over to the Galleria Mall (is that what it's called? Galleria Center? whatever.) and looked around in Barnes & Noble, the game store and wandered around. Then we were hungry. Victoria's time! My treat - we got appetizers and dessert in addition to our meals. SO FULL. So very, very full. So we got the dessert to go. :-) Went back to the house for a while and hung out. Then to rehearsal. Just singing... we ran through all of Act II. It would have been in order, too, if God had been on time... *sigh* :-P But at least Heather got to see sort of plot/flow -- definitely a good thing. After rehearsal we went home and ate the Tiramasu and finished off Heather's Italian Lemon Liquor stuff. :-) Yummy combination. Stayed up talking again, even though we should have gone to bed early. :-D *yea*

Woke up. (that's how most days start, huh?) Were out the door by about 9:30ish. Heather didn't forget anything (not that I've found yet, at least). First we went to IKEA and walked around. I don't think Heather was too impressed. :-P It felt a lot smaller than the one in Paramus, NJ... I don't know why.... maybe 'cuz we walked through it so fast. But it did feel like there were less displays in general. Before we left, I perused the groceries. Got some Cardomummy toast things, some Lingonberry jam, Lingonberry-Apple sparkling juice, a small bag of those yummy potato chips and a cup of coffee (OOOH-So-Good). *yea* for going grocery shopping 100+miles from home. They didn't have any glog (umlaut on the O?).... it must be a seasonal thing... blah. Must acquire lots of glog in the near future... can now drink it with alcohollies in it! :-D /end tangent.

After Ikea, we went literally across the street to the Mall of America (MoA). Woot! BIG MALL! Probably bad that I had money to spend. :-P And there was frivolous spending done - but it was all in good fun. We looked through lots of stores, and covered a lot of ground, but not nearly all of it. Things worth mentioning in no particular order:

~ Ate lunch in Subway and Villa Pizza(?)... well, we ate in Subway, but I brought my stromboli over from the pizza place. Yummy, italian. :-)

~ Went to the Rainforest Cafe. I got new mugs, now I've got a set... and I also got some shot glasses (Mom - "What will you use them for?"). Heather got a nifty "mood bracelet" and I helped her put it on.

~ After much decision making, we went on the carousel and the haunted house ride. hehehhe... the girls running the carousel must have thought we were NUTS. It was great fun. I rode a jack-rabbit and Heather rode on a goat. The rabbit made my legs sweaty. :-P The haunted house was fun, but my gun thingy was broken. :-/ Heather won like 833360 to 60. Hire Heather if you need a sharpshooter. ;-)

~ We found one of those photo booth thingys that wasn't all weird. It was just a normal one. Took our pictures and Heather could not stop looking at the camera (that is why she is looking up in most of the shots).. the pictures are on display in my icon. :-) Too much fun.

~ Our last stop was Sam Goody. Great store. Got some used CDs, a DVD of South Pacific and a Piano/Vocal/Chords book of broadways greatest hits (great price, great selection, couldn't resist).

(Heather feel free to add anything that I missed!)

After Sam Goody and the checkout employee who couldn't have been slower, we found the car and took off for the airport. Again, very easy to get to from MoA. Very nice. So, not much to say about the airport other than the whole teary-goodbye. Heather went through the security check around 6 and her flight left on time. As soon as Heather was through security, I booked it out of there to get to rehearsal. Ended up getting on 55 the wrong way 'cuz of construction but got turned around pretty quickly (with a little tour of the Fort Snelling parking lot). Got to rehearsal around 7:30 and hadn't missed more than 2 lines of blocking. *yea* But my feet were killing me by the end of the rehearsal. talk about a long day! Heather called me as I was pulling the car in front of the house... *yea* for safe trips home!

And that was the end of the 5 day weekend of awesomeness. :-)

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