Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Cindi Lives!

I just got off the phone with Cindi -- which means she's alive! Lots of news. She's still on the cruise... which was supposed to be to the Bahamas, but got rerouted to an island of Mexico when the hurricane's cropped up. She and Kristy got to ride horses in Mexico! Woo! She also found out (while in Epcot early last week) that she got the internship! And she starts next Monday (the 13th). The cruise which was originally supposed to last 3 days has been extended to 5 days (wee extra vacation!) and they are going to be docking around Fort Lauderdale sometime tomorrow and then taking a 3 hour bus ride to their car. From there the current plan is to spend a few days in Universal Studios (as originally planned) and then head home. She's not sure how long they will actually be staying down there, but weather permitting, probably 2-4 days. I filled her in on what little news I had and we chatted for a while. *yea* for friends existing! Hopefully we will get a full recounting of her trip when she gets back. :-)
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