Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weekend update on a Tuesday

Well, this weekend was perfectly uneventful. I worked on my website, checked off everything on my to-do list, and got myself generally organized for the up-coming weeks of craziness.

Last night's rehearsal went as I expected. And it was quite amusing. Some people need to chill out a bit, the whole thing is going to come together. Besides, a lot of the issues we were having had to do with actually having props and a set to deal with. Bah. Who needs those? It's a Ring of Gigantic PEBBLES! Wooo!

I can't wait 'til the set is finished-finished so that I don't get home and feel all sawdusty. Took a shower last night. And packed my lunch. Which gave me extra time this morning. I woke up around 7. I was already to go by 7:15 so instead, I laid down for another 15 minutes and was out the door at 7:30. :-P Felt great and unrushed.
And I totally didn't want to brush my hair this morning. After letting it dry in my sleep last night my head was covered in full, beautiful curls. :-) Now I know how to do my hair for the next big event. :-P

Umm... I think that's it. A lot of people are taking today off, so it's pretty quiet around here again. Just me and Adam right now. Pat is in Poughkeepsie and I don't know when Pete will be in. I'm stuck with what I'm working on. Although, he was in POK all last week, so I think he might be taking today off, as well. *shrug* I'll find something to keep me busy. :-) ;-) :-P
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