Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Silly MyCourses....

E-mail from my professor:

Hi Catherine:
Yes, I opened up myCourses this morning and discovered that every one of the students in my three online courses had dropped out. I wondered what it was that I had said!

According to the office of distance learning, their server died sometime last night and you would have been taken out of the class. They are working on fixing this and should be up and running today (maybe they are already). So, don't worry. You should be back in the class and online soon.

Sorry about all this.
Tom Moran

Catherine Germann wrote:
Somehow, this course has disappeared from my main myCourses view. I attempted to "add" a course, but that requires an ID number and PASSWORD. If you could provide this information to me or if there is another way to do this, I would be very greatful. My DCE user name is cag3349 Thanks so much,

Catherine A. Germann
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
Information Technology, 4th year.
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