Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Tonight I'm meeting Brenda in the Rep parking lot at 5:50 and I'm going to her church choir together to sing. :-) It should be fun. All I know is that it is a Methodist church on 4th Street (or was that Ave?). Either way, downtown, not far from the Rep. Good stuff. :-)
Tonight we are running second act. There are more full choral numbers in the second act, but we are not on stage as much, so I will get more reading done for class.
Speaking of which, my book arrived yesterday and is very strange. It's a handbook with a encyclopedia-ish set up. Not much reading out of there, though. I am going to try to read through the lecture tonight so that I can do the assignment tomorrow. That's the plan.

Just got an e-mail from Big Goon. The Orange and White game is on the 16th of October. :-( *big drippy tears* Apparently hockey is not as big around here, but they do have a team that plays at some rink. I should find out more about that so I don't have to go through hockey withdraw. That would be bad.
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