Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Preview Night

We were ready!  Atleast, that's what we thought.  Prepare yourself for an overdramatic retelling of everything that went wrong last night. 

The show was done for some special needs people, which was kinda unnerving.  We started about 10 minutes late because some guy had locked himself in the bathroom and would only answer to George Bush.  This is what we were dealing with, people. :-P  Luckily, some people were more responsive than others.. but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So they finally called places and we were waiting by John(the pianist) for Kathy to finish her speach(she's a director for a reason) and then we had to wait for black and then the blues to come up.  And as the blues were coming up, I was walking out... Tanner stepped on the back of my sandal just as I was picking up the same foot and... RRRRIIIIIPPPPPP... there goes the sandal.  So, in the dark, I made the split second decision to do the rest of the show in bare feet. :-)  I was actually a lot more comfortable moving around bare feet than in those sandals.  But Tanner was kinda upset about that.  (They were beyond repair and are now in the trash backstage.:-P )

The first number went well.  Apparently there was a light out, but I didn't notice.  The snake number... um... harmonies anyone?  I thought it sounded kinda off.  Yuck.  Death of Abel.  I WAS IN THE WRONG FREAKING KEY.  This was not my fault(well, it was, but I have an excuse).  For some reason everyone was in the wrong place and I had to scramble for my pitch pipe and then someone was under the impression that we were supposed to be on stage already.. but we weren't... so I was rushed and I didn't have my F.  So I think I started in Db and some how modulated like 5 times 'til I was in Bb.  I ended on the right note.  But EW EW EW EW EW the whole thing EW.  I felt bad 'cuz Deb was singing something under me like she is supposed to and she was trying her best to make it sound less like crap without crying.  It was actually impressive on her part. :-P

Mark of Cain somehow we got out of order and Bret was in the wrong place... which made the choreography look strange 'cuz he did what he was supposed to do in the other spot.  Oops.  Doubt anyone in the audience noticed, though.

Rocks were all placed correctly and I held them with both hands.  Woot!

I wish they would decide what they are doing with the piano parts... one day we are getting a cue and the next we aren't... and then we are... so we are waiting to see weather we are going to get one or not... and then we were supposed to have started already!  Gah!

End of the first act was good.  It was weird standing so close to the audience... kinda freaky.  Couldn't tell what they were going to do.

Second act.  Generations = suck.  Why did we have to go over the words during the intermission??!!  That made it worse.  I'm going to just sing what comes out and not think about it.  Solos were awesome.  :-)  Rock on everyone! 

Piece of Eight.  Okay, Patricia needs to watch out of the corner of her eye 'cuz she was always off on the swaying.  So frustrating.  Other than that, didn't forget anything and the striking went smoothly.  Something was up with the backstage mics though, 'cuz we felt like we were the only voices (and I think we were - go two parts!).  End was solid, but not perfect.

Words of Doom.  Could they hear us?  Who knows.  Sounded good from back stage, though.  :-)  I think I keep freaking Norm out by singing bass. :-P

Ain't it good.  RIGHT left RIGHT left RIGHT left RIGHT left.  I never saw so many very white people swaying into each other.  it was awful.  choreography was dropping left and right (or right and left, but certainly not together).  The end was good  and so was the harmonies and the words.  But we need to work on swaying. 

Children of Eden/In the Beginning.  oh, oh, oh.  Awesome. :-)  Atleast we ended on a good note.

Bows.  *yea*  They took longer tonight that usual, though.  Don't know why. 


So that is the story.  It was less diva-ish than I thought it would be. :-P
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