Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

So awesome

Best emotional, spiritual, social, amazingness EVER.

And the grass was perfect, and the show was perfect, and the notes in the songs were sung with vibrato, but not tooo much.


There were a few things that you could have said went "wrong", but no one even noticed because the energy was through the roof, the audience was WONDERFULLY AMAZING, and everyone was just ON. Comanchean. And not only was the show amazing AND we got a standing ovation(as per previous post) BUT there was also FREE FOOD & SPIRITS(!!!) at the reception! What could be better!?!?!? Had some really good charrdonay(me likes) that curiously enough went with tiny weeniers AND a very light vanilla custard topped with chocolate flakes. :-P Very elegant. And now that I have stopped moving the energy has drained from my body. I shall now try to find Bret's phone number (ACK! If you have it let me know!!!) and then read and then go to bed.

I am so blessed. *hugs to all*
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