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uuuh.... I don't get it.

Okay, so the first weird thing that happend today was went I woke up. My alarm went off and I looked at the clock expecting to see it say 6:30... but it said 6:57. One word went through my head. SHIT. I have no recollection of hitting the snooze button 3 times. How does that happen??? Anyway, so I was severly rattled. I considered skipping Philosophy class... and then I went to the bathroom... My normal 5 minutes MAX in the bathroom calmed me down signifigantly. I decided to go back into my room and leave my computer alone and just get dressed... and of course, that wasn't possible, because I had to check the weather on the 'net before I could decide what to wear(I ended up wearing what I thought I would anyway.. blah). So when I turned my monitor on, my firewall was warning me about stuff... ICQ was up and so was AIM... now I KNOW left everything away last night and had everything minimized. At 7:20ish this morning, I had only been logged into AIM for 2hours... now, I know there is more than 2 hours time between when I went to bed and when I woke up. Something very screwy happend. PLUS! I had changed the settings for my taskbar's hide/show properties for all the icons down there... they had all be erased. *cry*... grrrr.. I don't know what happend. Very annoying... but there doesn't seem to be anything else weird, as of now.... so... *shrug*... hhmm...
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