Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Be like me! Give blood.

Well, I gave blood at the Mayo Clinic satellite site here at IBM.  Very nice place, once I found it.  I'll have to bring mom down there, she'll be impressed.  None of this folding table stuff... reclined, upholstered chairs that are kinda like dentist chairs, but they don't move and they are much more comfortable.  ooh.. so nice. :-)  Also, they didn't do the blood floaty thing to test hemoglobin/iron levels.. they've got a little analyzer machine that does it.  That was kinda disappointing 'cuz I liked watching the blood float down through those tubes. 

The ladies there were uber nice and very thankful that we were donating.  The place was hopping when I got there, but it calmed down by the time I left.  They have a right arm chair and a left arm chair!  I got the right armed one because I didn't really care either way and that was the one that was open.  They also had these cool scales for the blood bags to go on and they beep and light up when the bag is full!  Neato.  It also times how long it takes to fill the bag.  And I reached a new personal record!

1 pint of blood in 4 minutes and 56 seconds!  Go me!  New record! WOOOOT... I can bleed with the best of 'em!

Anyway, there was a guy that left before I started donating that had given 9 gallons as of today.  Made me think of Mr. Sheaf. 

There was a girl ahead of me that it was only her second time and she is afraid of needles!  She did very well and I told her that I was proud of her for giving. :-)  We got to chat while we were letting our heads recover.  I found out she works in my building and has worked here for around a year.  Also, an interesting tidbit - her husband is british and she met him online and they have been married for 3 years now!  Really nifty.  She's from Rochester, mn and she enjoys living near her parents.  She started out as a math education major but decided to go into Comp Sci because she was good at it and it didn't involve teaching.  Oh, and her name is Vanessa. :-P  We had an enjoyable time. 

And there were really good cookies.  I had a chocolate chip cookie there and some apple juice.  Then I had a cup of coffee and took a peanut butter (with real peanuts in it!!) for later. 

Oh, I've got this coupon that I'm supposed to use in the cafeteria today for $2.  I wonder if you can get anything for $2.  I also dont' know when the caf closes.  I should go towards the end of lunch hour, whenever that is. 
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