Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Yesterday definitely makes my top ten list of best days in my life EVER. Oh, man. I slept in 'til about 10:30, checked my e-mail played around on the computer, took a shower, made a leisurely breakfast of an omelette on toast and then worked on the questionnaire for the CoE book. Also decided to put myself in charge of getting CoE shirts. *yea* in charge!

2pm - Party at Scott(Adam/Noah)'s house. So much fun. It was like a relaxing family gathering where everyone was able to talk to everyone about everything. No one was left out, everyone had a great time (even if they got their butt kicked in Sorry/Air Hockey/*insert other game here*), and we all get along so very well (ages ranging from 5-45 amazing!). Absolutely wonderful. And the food was great. *yea* Nick and Willy's pizza! *yea* Spinach Pie-not-quiche. *yea* Ifeoma's bean-and-corn salsa/salad! *yea* awesome desserts (the ones without the BRIGHT PINK frosting). People dispersed around 6.

6:45 - Call. I just want to say that this weekend was the best over all so far. Oh, man. It just seems like it has finally sunk into our brains. We don't have to think too hard, and we are still actively concentrating on characterization. The perfect combination. And we are all extremely comfortable with each other (maybe too comfortable?? :-P :-D). And it is just full of awesome. Great audience, too. :-D Happiness.

11pm - BOWLING. I scored a 99 on both games. I could have broken 100 on the second game, but I listened to Tanner. What was I thinking? Almost everyone came and we just had a ball (get it?? HAHAHAHA). I have never bowled with people that hug after every frame... hehe.. true awesomeness. I love us. It was such a boogie-lious time. Didn't get out of there 'til 12:45 (they closed at 12:30). Then I brought Bret home, as per usual, and I got home at 1:11. Didn't get to bed 'til 2am. *ahh*

What a wonderful day. :-)
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