Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Productivity list

I feel like I haven't done much today, but I did, so I shall enumerate:

~ Sang @ Church today. Only mostly messed up the anthem. :-P Who needs words, anyway? hehe
~ Tidied up my room.
~ Was productive with Bret. That's a first!
~ Got ink for my printer at Best Buy
~ Got stamps, a large print b-day card, and wrapping paper at the mall. Walked the whole mall.
~ Called parents
~ Got all shirt order information together.
~ Called Merri and Scott re: shirt info
~ Printed designs and readied for ordering tomorrow
~ Did some gift wrapping
~ Did some card-writing
~ Did some reading (for fun!)
~ Participated in "discussions" for my online class
~ Balanced my check book for the last 2 weeks
~ Filled out September's Spending analysis
~ Filled out Absentee Ballot and readied it to be sent tomorrow
~ Signed checks and filled out Vanguard form to be sent tomorrow
~ Showered and readied for Monday (blah)

And that's it as of now! Woooo... yeah, that was a lot more than it felt like. Still have a paper to write and a paper to edit for Tuesday night. Have to finish it before Tuesday because Tuesday night I am baby sitting for Brenda's children.... Bethany and Weston. At the moment I am of the opinion that they are great kids. I'm hoping that opinion doesn't change much after Tuesday. :-P
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