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So, on Wednesday morning, I leaped out of bed (even though I didn't have to) and I registered with telnet (even though I didn't have to). It was a bizarre experiance. Thinking: I will never be doing this again. Something that I've done nine times before.. that has become part of a routine... every three months or so, getting to choose what the next three months will be like. The last time. I still got that little "OMG" flutter in my chest when I couldn't register for the poetry class that I wanted to take... then realizing that it was closed to concentrators/minors 'til Friday... no problem! I've got so much seniority, I'm drowning in it. And yet, I'm only going to get to enjoy this senior thing for 3 months starting at the end of November. So bizarre. Anyway.

Text Version:
0101-301-02 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING    4  TR    200PM  350PM
0502-451-01 CREATIVE WRITING: POETR 4  TR    1200N  150PM
0505-401-70 RIT SINGERS             1  R     700PM  850PM
1111-240-01 TAP DANCE               0  TR    1100AM 1150AM
4002-455-02 NEEDS ASSESSMENT        4  TR    400PM  550PM
4002-536-70 WEB CLIENT SIDE PROG    4  MW    600PM  750PM
Pretty Version
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