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A halloween-esk pun!

Not many people know it, but the Devil actually wears a wig. You'd
never know if you weren't told. It's a perfect fit. Anyway, down in
the world of fire and brimstone one guy did find out and decided to
play a little practical joke. So one night, he snuck past the guardian
demons and managed to get all the way into Satan's bed chamber. He
stole the hairpiece and made good with his escape.

Well, of course the Devil was most displeased by this. He rounded up
his demons and demanded to know which of them had been so lazy as to
let someone sneak past them. Naturally, none of them owned up, which
made him even madder: So he called a general meeting of everyone in the
underworld: everyone has to attend.

The meeting is held in a huge cavern and it's absolutely packed. As
Satan steps up to speak, everyone sees that he's got no hair, and peals
of laughter start echoing out around the hall.

The devil bellows at them to be quiet, and a deadly hush falls.

"Whoever stole it," he shouts, "had better return it immediately!"
"Or else there'll be Hell Toupee!"
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