Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


So this has been my first Halloween in which I get to stay home and give out candy. I gave out all kindsa good stuff and I have dubbed myself "The Cool House." :-P I decided to keep track of the costumes. This is by no means a complete list, but here it is:

Potato-chip bag head man (this one is probably my favourite)
a cat
a knight
The Scream
Goth Girl
whine the pooh
Giants Football player
Darth Vader (green light saber?!)
Death guy with wheat cutter thing
a graduate
a rag doll
an inmate (black and white stripes and a cap)
Generic ninja turtle
Renaissance women/ Gypsies(?)
trio of scary people in black with masks and spider web on them. I screamed. :-P
The Scream
White dude with an afro wig
Guy with a Trick-Or-Treat bag :-P
girls with random wigs and random clothes on. I think they were dressed as people who got dressed in the dark. or maybe drag queens. :-P
2 sparkly witches
a white and yellow cheerleader
Sparkly Cowgirl
Dudes in capes with sticks
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