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My day... in lj convo

TenthZ1 (9:24:38 PM): <-- is worn out
Mike (9:24:46 PM): Oh?
TenthZ1 (9:24:56 PM): yep.
Mike (9:25:05 PM): long week?
TenthZ1 (9:25:08 PM): I printed 900 pages on my printer in 16 hours.
TenthZ1 (9:25:14 PM): I started when I got home from work last night.
TenthZ1 (9:25:22 PM): had to make 2 runs to walmart for more ink. :-P
Mike (9:25:34 PM): Holy crap! why?!?!
TenthZ1 (9:25:44 PM): but all the CoE books were done by about noon and I ran them to Office Max to be bound
Mike (9:25:58 PM): ah
TenthZ1 (9:25:59 PM): at which point I was told they would be done around 6 and they would call me if they were going to be later.
TenthZ1 (9:26:32 PM): oh, btw, the first ink run was at 1am and the second was at 7am.
TenthZ1 (9:26:40 PM): didn't go to sleep 'til 3am and woke up at 6:30am. :-P
TenthZ1 (9:26:48 PM): crazy printing going on.
Mike (9:26:59 PM): no kidding :-P
TenthZ1 (9:27:36 PM): so, while I was doing all this printing this morning I was doing laundry, making a broccoli casserole for the party@3, mixing cookies, packing, and cleaning.
TenthZ1 (9:28:08 PM): picked up bret @ 3 and went to Scott's for party.
Mike (9:28:15 PM): /*nods*/
TenthZ1 (9:28:20 PM): TONS OF FUN. not everyone came, but it was very cool.
TenthZ1 (9:28:25 PM): and we got to watch the video of the show. :-D
TenthZ1 (9:28:32 PM): and I will have a copy by Christmas.
TenthZ1 (9:28:44 PM): which everyone I know out east will be forced to watch.
Mike (9:28:47 PM): kewl
TenthZ1 (9:28:50 PM): possibly multiple times. :-D
TenthZ1 (9:29:11 PM): it is a decent recording, but I want to get it digitized at somepoint.
TenthZ1 (9:29:31 PM): anyway, we had ate pizza, drank "pop" and were merry.
TenthZ1 (9:29:41 PM): and people gave me money and I gave them shirts.
TenthZ1 (9:30:09 PM): but then around 6:15 I called Office max to check on the status 'cuz I didn't want to drive the whole way down there and have them not be done.
TenthZ1 (9:30:23 PM): so, they weren't done. and they actually hadn't even been started yet!!!! =-O
TenthZ1 (9:30:57 PM): so after making it known that I was told 6pm, 6:30 at the latest and that I needed them tonight, I was then told that they would be ready @ 7pm.
Mike (9:31:25 PM): indeed? ô.o
TenthZ1 (9:31:26 PM): by which time people have basically left and such, so we make arrangments for everyone to get their books when I have them.
TenthZ1 (9:31:58 PM): so, THEN at 7:10 I head out to go to office max and on the way I call to MAKE SURE they are done.
TenthZ1 (9:32:06 PM): guess what time they FREAKING CLOSE?!?!
TenthZ1 (9:32:11 PM): 7pm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Mike (9:32:26 PM): Bastards.
TenthZ1 (9:32:29 PM): and they weren't done yet. :-P
TenthZ1 (9:33:02 PM): So, I told the woman on the phone, in no uncertain terms, that I would be picking up my order at 7:30, and that I would be paying for it in full and that I needed it TONIGHt.
TenthZ1 (9:33:15 PM): so, they unlocked the doors for me when I got there. :-D
TenthZ1 (9:33:19 PM): because I rock.
TenthZ1 (9:33:25 PM): and the books turned out AWESOME>
Mike (9:33:26 PM): Good.
Mike (9:33:38 PM): ^_^
TenthZ1 (9:33:56 PM): so, then I drove BACK to scott's to give him his book and the ones that he was going to distribute and he wrote me another check, and we said good bye, and I finally started crying. :-\
Mike (9:34:11 PM): ohhhh
TenthZ1 (9:34:23 PM): and I was doing so well. :-P
TenthZ1 (9:35:15 PM): But it was sad/happy crying because I was sad to be leaving, but happy to be going home, but sad that I will probably never see most of these people ever again, but happy that I met them at all and was able to have such a wonderful experiance working with them and all.
Mike (9:35:30 PM): /*nods*/
TenthZ1 (9:35:48 PM): anyway, after Scott consoled me, I drove to Bret's and gave him his book and said goodbye. His brother thought I was the the pizza guy.
TenthZ1 (9:35:51 PM): he was sad. :-P
Mike (9:36:07 PM): :-P
TenthZ1 (9:36:27 PM): and then I cried the whole way to walmart where I picked up more butter to finish making cookies for Thursday.
TenthZ1 (9:36:37 PM): and then I came home.
Mike (9:36:53 PM): /*nods*/
TenthZ1 (9:36:53 PM): and that is all getting cut and pasted into lj because I AM NOT typing that again. :-P
Mike (9:37:00 PM): :-P



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