Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I am back.

Random thing of right now:

Definition of a Man::

1. A man is only as strong as his convictions.
2. A man is brave.
3. A man is a romantic at heart.
4. A man treats women as equals worthy of the utmost respect.
5. A man is a gentleman who is well versed in etiquette and manners.
6. A man will fight to defend his honor and the honor of others.
7. A man does not fear, but welcomes responsibility.
8. A man is hygienic and clean.
9. A man will forgive when forgiveness is asked.
10. A man knows when to work and when to play.
11. A man respects his body and does his best to maintain it.
12. A man will give his word and always keeps it.
13. A man is kind.
14. A man treats money as nothing more than a tool, and always spends less than he earns.
15. A man will put his own life before that of his friends, family, and God.
16. A man will always believe in hope.
17. A man prizes truth and practices honesty at all times.
18. A man will defend himself and others from bodily harm.
19. A man will respect, cherish, protect, remain faithful to, and ensure the everlasting happiness of his wife or lover.
20. A man believes in love.

I haven't actually read the whole thing, but it looks either entertaining or enlightening. or both. pulled it off of someone's xanga who I don't remember who they are.
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