Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Punny Puns!

The teacher asked if anyone could tell the class a story with a moral.
Little Johnny volunteered: "In the town of Diablo lived Stanley, the
president of the Creative Credit Loan Co. He was small and mild-
mannered, but he also was a karate expert. One day, some tough guys
accosted him. He gave them a thrashing they wouldn't soon forget."
Said the teacher, "Good, Johnny, now tell us the moral of your story."
Johnny replied, "Well, the moral is, if you're ever out in Diablo,
don't mess around with the loan arranger."

A farmer saw a UFO land on his farm. When he investigated, he found
an extraterrestrial sitting in his turkey yard. The creature had eaten
all of his turkeys. The overstuffed alien was sighing heavily and
flossing his teeth. This was the first proof that UFOs are really
sighing flossers.
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