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I got a lot accomplished. Finished re-arranging the living room. I think it's a lot more conducive to social-ness now (and my stuff. :-P ). Went to Mel's for breakfast. Went to Wegman's. Finished other apartment arranging stuff. Got DiBella's with mom. Did a bit of laundry. Dryer is a bit screwed up, so I put in a maintenance request. Hopefully some more of my books come tomorrow. One came today. I need sleep. Didn't sleep well last night -- even though it's the bed I've been basically sleeping in for the past 3 years. I should try rotating the mattress and moving it closer to the wall. Maybe I will get to it tomorrow if it doesn't drive me crazy enough to do it before falling asleep tonight. What else. OH, yeah, Web Client Side programming is going to be so completely awesome. I felt so comfortable and mucho excited hearing about the projects that we are going to do and the stuff we are going to learn. The whole night class thing will be getting old, though. Luckily it's the closest academic building to the apartment. I still feel like I"m just visiting here. Hopefully that feeling will subside sometime this week. I can't wait for tap tomorrow. I'm not, however, looking forward to being sweaty from tap for the rest of the day. Silly me and my needing back-to-back classes. It'll work out, though. Got some errands to run in the morning. I'll be awake enough, so I might as well run them before class.
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