Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I started writing this in an e-mail to Mike, but it stopped being personal and just got rambly.. I think is a better place for it.

Now I've got 20 minutes to kill before class. I am so bored.... and sleepy. I should have taken a nap someplace instead of coming in the computer lab, but I was going through computer withdrawl from being at work for 5 hours without a computer today. I should have gotten a lap top... although, then I wouldn't have gotten all of that reading done that I did. I'm about half way through one of my poetry "text books" already... it's really just a regular book, though, and I'm really enjoying reading it.. probably why I could easily keep reading past the spot that the professor said we could stop... we were only supposed to read the first 30 pages or so and I ended up reading the first 80 or so. :-P Oops. There lots of little poetry exercises that I'm not doing as I read because it suggests you go for a walk or something and as I was at work and it was mostly raining all day, that wasn't really an option. Work was slow. Only one deaf person came in... he was from Bangledesh, I was really surprised we could actually figure out what he wanted to know about and tell him. Language barriers are so interesting... a few people that I know just walked by the window not even noticing I was there... sometimes I feel completely invisable.. but I have a feeling it will be the opposite at Singers tomorrow night. Hopefully I can stay awake for it. :-P Will be nice to have a large group of people welcoming me back, though... and I've missed singing the past week.

I need to buy some notebooks and other odds and ends tomorrow. Hopefully I'm wondering if I'll have some time between classes to go to the bookstore since it is customer appreciation day something or other or if I should just go before tap. I'll probably be awake anyway. Sigh.

I wrote a bunch of poetry today during work, too. Some of it is just reworkings of old stuff that I dug out and others were random spoutings. My book also suggested creating a "wordpool" of fun/not-so-fun descriptive words. So I've got a LOT of those now, because it is fun to think of words.
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