Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

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too much walking/stairs today

Apt --> SLC
SLC --> 2nd story liberal arts building
2nd story --> 3rd story
3rd story --> 2nd story (darn women's rooms not on the 2nd floor!!)
2nd story --> basement
basement --> 2nd story (darn vending machines only in basement!)
2nd story --> basement
liberal arts building --> business building 3rd floor
3rd floor --> 1st floor
1st floor --> 3rd floor
3rd floor --> 1st floor
business building --> building 10 --> IT building 1st floor(via courtyard stairs)
1st floor --> 2nd floor
2nd floor --> 3rd floor
3rd floor --> 1st floor
IT building --> IFC, downstairs
IFC, downstairs --> SAU
SAU --> apt
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