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This is the song that doesn't end....

This is like the longest survey ever. Thanks to Heather for making it... this is only to read if you are really really really really bored.. or you have some sort of strange obsession with me. ;-)

~about you~

Name: Catherine
nicknames: Catherine :-P
d.o.b.: 5/28/83
age: 18.. duh... I can do math! :-0
height: 5'5"
weight: You ask, you die.
heritage: German, British, Swedish, Hungarian
parents names/ages: Al & Marianne.. 52 & 48.. I'll let you guess which is which.
Siblings/ages/d.o.b.: Liz(15!!), Albert(9 on the 12th of April!!!)
birthplace: Hershey, PA... they inject Chocolate into your vains.
Where did you grow up?: East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, PA, USA, the Earth.
current residence: NRH2... RIT...Rochester... NY... USA... the Earth
what's the best thing about the place you live?: Um, my friends are here.. well, not "here", but around here... that's the best!
hair color (real or fake?): Strawberry Blonde, totally real.
eye color: Hazel, green, I haven't looked lately
Any weird habits or idiocycracies?: You don't want to know.
Do you pray?: Yes.
Outside of church: Yes.
How about everyday: Um... I don't think so.
Are you religious?: Depends on your definition. I have strong beliefs. They might not directly adhere to Lutheranism, but they're mine.
Political association: I'm REPUBLICAN, REPUBLICAN, REPUBLICAN. If you think you are conservative, have a chat with me... you will feel very liberal.
Are you an anarchist?: no. Government is great. Big Business is better, though.
Something you really hate about yourself: Um, hate? I don't know about that... I would say that I could improve my 'tact' skills, though.

~when was the...~

Last time you showered?: Tuesday night.
Last time you cried?: Too long ago.
what color pants do you have on right now?: Khaki, what other color is there?
What color shirt do you have on right now?: Navy
What song are you listening to now?: "Waltz of the Wall Flowers"
What was the last thing you said?: Dude.
what's right next to you?: An empty bottle of Code Red
What color is your computer desk?: Wood-color
what are the last 2 digits of your phone number?: *checks* 75

~your childhood~

greatest fear as a child: Heights
best childhood friend: ????
were you ever spanked as a child: I'm sure... atleast once.
fave childhood game: Something by myself.
fave tv show as a child: Pinwheel! Today's Special!
fave song as a child: Everything and Anything... I've always loved music

~people you know~

who is the loudest person you know?: Jackie... but I come in a very close second.
the weirdest person you know?: What kind of weird? Matt.
most trustworthy person you know?: Heather
funniest?: Geez... Everyone. I can't choose.
most confusing?: Dan
nicest?: Cindi

~what was the...~

most embarassing thing that ever happened to you: I don't know.. but it probably happend in 7th grade.. that wasn't my best year.
most exciting thing that ever happened to you: Getting excepted to RIT. :-)
scariest: Watching "The Others" last night... wooo..
funniest: Everything that happens to me is funny!
stupidest: Walking into a wall or a door way always feels stupid.. and hurts, too.


optimist/pessimist/realist: Optimist.
on/off: On.. all the time, baby.
coke/pepsi: COKE!!!!!!!!
chocolate/vanilla: Strangely enough, Vanilla
fast/slow: Fast. Fast. Fast. .. or sllllllloooowwww... Depends.
sports bras or the hook ones: hook.. they're easier to get off... oooh.. did I say that out loud?
Boxers Or Briefs?: Briefs. ;-)
Disney World / Disney Land?: Land.. California is so much better.. and I can say, I've been to both.
pools or oceans?: ooh.. depends... I like both.
pro-life or Pro-choice?: Pro-Choice... but you better make the right one!!
Pencil or pen: Pencil.. are you kidding me? With my spelling?
hot or Cold: *licks finger and puts on her shoulder* *ttssssss* Hot. :-)
cry or laugh?: Laugh 'til you're crying.
mtv/vh1: VH1... not so much skin.


any Piercings/Tattoos: Nope.
Do you wear Glasses: Just sun glasses. 8-)
Ever been arrested?: Nope.
Who's Your Role Model: Um... I guess I don't really have one.
Best thing you do in the Summer: Sleep. A Lot... and read. That's fun.
College: RIT, RIT, RIT!!
What Store do you shop at the Most: The Corner Store. hehehehe..
What Shampoo/Conditioner do you use: what ever is the cheapest.
Do you have any Pets: No... but there's a cat waiting for me at home!!! :-)
How many Languages do you Speak: 2 if you count engl-deutsch.
ever done any Drugs: I don't remember.
EVER BEEN HIGH: I'm high on life, baby. :-)
Do you Collect Anything, If so, what?: Recyclables, silver gum wrappers, soda tabs, key-chains... oh, and tins from mints.
Are you a Ditz: *flips hair* um, what's that?
Have you ever given money to a Bum: No. He should get a *#@ing job.
1ST Crush you ever remember: Matt Bryant. Where are you???
Current Crush: hehehe...
Are you Happy or Sad: Happy. 24/7
What do you Wear To Bed: Sweat pants... and a t-shirt if it's cold.
What's Your Bed Time: umm...
Is there a TV in your Room: yes.
what are the last last 10 things you do before falling asleep?: turn off the light, set my alarm, fluff the pillows, get in bed, lock the door, turn off my monitor, set my away message, say good-night to everyone, get dressed for bed, reallize it's too dang late.
Can you fall asleep anywhere?: Now, yes.
what is your Fave Halloween: 2001 was fun, RITSMA party!
What's the best advice that you didn't take?: WHAT!?!?
Do you think you have an accent?: Yes... many, actually.
How would you describe your fashion sense?: Mine.
what does your name mean?: "Pure".. *insert laughter here*
What's the dumbest/meanest nickname someone has ever given you?: Gata Aleman/I'm sure I've been called some pretty aweful things behind my back...
What's your favorite kinky thing to do?: dude... you want to know, e-mail me...
What store would you never be caught dead in?: Gap...
If you were another person, would you be friends WITH you?: I've often thought about that... I'm not sure... it depends, I think. :-P
If you could have any Occupation: This question makes my head hurt.
Whats Your Dream Car: Limo and a Driver
If you could Live Anywhere, where would it be: Seattle, pent house over-looking the sound.. or maybe just the Space Needle
How Long Can You Hold Your breath?: I don't know... but I have awesome breath control.. atleast I used to.
can you swim?: yes.
do you like to swim?: Umm.. sometimes.
premarital sex: Is that a question?
do you sing in the shower?: YES!
who's better....boys or girls?: At what? We kinda need both, so I think we're equally the best.
who's the best looking person you know?: Me! :-P
the best way to die?: Having way too much fun.
what was the last movie you saw?: The Others.. and clips of The Lion King
do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nope.
do you think you're attractive?: Yes... damn, I'm so hot.
what's your favorite Nintendo game?: Duck Hunt!
what is your sign?: Geminii
what movie do you want to see?: I don't have an urge to see anything at the moment.
what are your personality traits?: All the good ones... put them together and you get me.
Would you rather be short or tall?: I'm 5'5" that's good for me.
do you enjoy reading?: Yes... as long as I'm not being forced to.
What's your problem?: huh?
How much money do you have in your wallet right now?: Enough.
What else is in it?: phone card, school-IDs, permits and stuff.
what's your current biggest fear?: Fear itself.
Who are your favorite people?: My Friends. :-)
Do you like to dance?: Oh, yeah.. dancing is the best!! I need to do it more.
do you think men and women can ever just be friends without wanting each
other?: Yes.
what do you look for in a guy/girl?: Dude.. that answer would take a few hours to answer.
do you bite your nails?: :-/ yeah... :-(
ever been in love?: Yes.
which movies have you cried at?: A Lot. Okay? I like crying, give me a break.
did you ever cry over someone of the opposite sex?: Yes.. wept.
do you shun nudity?: No.
Do you sneeze a lot?: Only when the pollen is bad.
Do you organize your CD's?: yes.
Internet boyfriends and Girlfriends, stupid or cool?: stupid... flirtation cool.. but you need personal contact to make anything really a relationship.
best places to hangout?: Borders! Anywhere that has coffee.
are you a virgin?: Yes.
where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: uumm... am I really going to see much of it?
Do you like the person who sent this to you?: Heather made this thing, dude.. she is the coolest.
What did you do last night?: Technically, last night I started this... and this morning I'm going to finish it.
last person you talked to on the phone?:Mommy! :-)
what's your name backwards: Nnamreg Nna Enirehtac.. dude, that's weird.
what's on your computer screen: AIM windows flashing at me... WinAmp, RITSMA website in the background... this livejournal window.
who are you talking to online right now: Heather, Lindsay, Paul, Dan.. and I was talking to Adam..


tv show: Frasier, now and forever.
TV theme Song: Growning Pains
Teacher: I'm not choosing one.
Day of the Week: Monday.. I know I'm crazy.
Candy: Something sweet.
Disney Movie: If it's made by Pixar, I'll watch it a million times.
Food: Marshmellows... and nachos.. not together, though.
Restaurant: *shrug*
Actor/Actress: Bill Pullman, Katherine Hepburn
CD: Right now? Dan Terry's Tangerine.
Animal: a dead one... hehehehehehe... j/k
Radio Station: *shrug*... if it plays music with not much talking, it's cool with me.
Ice Cream: Must have coffee in it.. or peanut butter
Drink: Alcoholic: n/a (see age)
Non-Alcoholic: Skim Milk.
Things to do: My computer is my life... how sad.
Charcteristic about Yourself: I'm funny.
Hangout: Doesn't matter.. If the company is good, I'm happy.
Toppings on Pizza: oooh.. lots of 'em.
Colors: Blue.. and purple, too.
Gum: anything... I don't chew it too often.
Cartoon(s): *shrug*
Sesame Street character?: Bert and Erine
kind of music: Funky-soulful-pop... hehe... Lindsay'll get it.
fave song of the moment: Small Potatoes- "Waltz of the Wall Flowers"
Tags: survey
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