Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I just realized that today is my last day of classes before break. GO ME! And there is no Singers tonight, so it is shorter than usual! 11am - 6pm. Squeeeee!

My head is spin-y. I think I feel hung over. Wine tastings are fun. Beth is going to send me a list of all the ones we tried (7) and then I can have a better idea of the wines I like. Definitely ones that involve anything with Oak... which is ironic, since I think I'm allergic to oak pollen. *shrug* Maybe I will write more later. Like during break when I am bored.

Yesterday I got new music at my voice lesson! Here is the list:

Evensong - Liza Lehmann
Silent Noon - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Oh Sleep, why dost thou leave me? from Semele by Handel

They are listed in order of difficultly (at least from just looking at them once) But I am really excited about learning 3 new things! I hope none of them fall by the wayside. I really like the idea of building my repertoire.
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