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I'm home, again! It's pretty weird to think that just a month ago, I was traveling home from Minnesota. This past month might have actually been the longest of my entire life thus far. But anyway.

This weekend was great. I got to Mike's around 5:15, just when I predicted and we spent the evening watching TV (The Haunted Mansion and Figure Skating) with his parents. Mark's Pizza/Mozz. Sticks for dinner... yummmy. :-) Canada won the Figure Skating competion. But they had home-ice advantage. And Kurt Browning. *yea* I haven't watched Figure Skating in a long time. It was good. The Haunted Mansion had a plot! I was impressed. It was, however, still very much a Disney movie. But *yea* Eddie Murphy!

Got to see Mike's pretty new computer. Sweet video card! And the tower is black... mmmm.. prettttyyy... I need more RAM.

Went to church this morning with Mike's family. Why do Catholic churches have to be so gosh-darned stressful. I'm glad I don't have a heart condition; I might not have made it. :-P But I was the one who wanted to go, so I did bring it upon myself. I really wanted to put forth the effort - and I think I did a pretty good job following along and not making a fool of myself.

After church, we had waffles for breakfast. While we were waiting for it to be ready, Mike and I read the Parade and started reading Dave Barry - which we had to stop reading in the middle when we were called to the table. D'oh!

We exchanged gifts after breakfast - they all enjoyed what I gave them which just proves that I am awesome at gift giving no matter how much thought I put into it. :-P And that Wegmans rulez. During breakfast, it also started snowing. And didn't stop. Left around noon when it became obvious that the snow was not going to let up. The roads through Groton and Cortland to get to I-81 were pretty messy (fish tailed once or twice, but only a little).... 81 was much better.. but passing plows on the right is not my favourite pass-time. The snow calmed down more and more as I drove south, and by the time I passed Scranton, there was nothing. Bunch of lame-oes. Got home safely around 3:30 (which was the point of this post in the first place) and was greeted by a pack of viscious attack dogs... erm, I mean, Albert. :-P Unpacked the car between the drizzling rain, taught Albert how to wrap presents more neatly and the principles behind cutting a piece of wrapping paper the correct size. Swedish Meatballs with boiled potatoes for dinner!!!! *YEA* I am so all over the leftovers tomorrow. :-P Searched the newspaper for Dave Barry so I could finish reading it. Moved my stuff from the front hall to my room. And now I'm pretty much caught up with e-mail, lj, facebook, and neopets. Woo. And now all of you are caught up with me. Either this break is going to last forever or be obscenely short. Haven't decided yet.

In other news, I sat through Spanglish without throwing up, chucking things at the screen, or running screaming from the theatre. It was (surprisingly) a VERY good movie. Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely despise Adam Sandler.... so this has all been quite a shock for me. I'm just glad I gave it a try.
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