Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Woooo a real update? If you're lucky!!!!

Okay, so I've got 40 minutes before class and I've finished checking/responding to my e-mail. I could start working the programming aspect of my 536 project, but... nah. Instead I will ramble and update you on my life. I shall now pretend that all of you care. I think I'll work backward or just in some strange stream of consciousness to keep you all very confused and on your toes.

I just told the co-op department that I would be a panel member at the IT/CS/SE co-op luncheon next Friday. That should be fun. Free pizza. Although, it's on the same day as the catered women's luncheon(different times), so I think I'll end up just stealing pizza for dinner or something. breakfast. whatever.

Today was relatively productive. I missed the first 40 minutes of when I was supposed to work this morning because the distaster area that is/was(?) our kitchen was beginning to overwhelm me. I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it, cleaned the sink and the counter, and put things that had been "put away" in random places in their rightful places. Sadly, it still needs work. I also finished folding my laundry from last night. *yea* for being domestic - something I definitely miss having time for at school. When I have my own place I shall keep a TIGHT SHIP! *whip sounds* MWAHAHAHA. Anyway. Work was good... there was a memorial service today and there was a reception that catering did. There were lots of cookies leftover. cooooookkkiiiiesss. Not very good, though. I am such a cookie snob. :-P Whatelse. Oh, yeah, I caught up on my financial accounting reading and worked on the project a little more. I think I am ready for the quiz tomorrow. Don't know about the midterm next week though. Should be interesting. I also wrote a very long note to Voices in Praise and the Chancel Choir that I sang with in Minnesota. I'm going to find the address online and send that tomorrow. I've got a list of stuff to do tonight before I can go to bed or read more of East of Eden... it's a Steinbeck book that Aunt Karin lent me. I'm to the 3rd chapter, and it's pretty good so far. Yep.

I drove back to RIT on Monday. It was rainy, but more than that it was foggy. It was worse than the one time that I was driving to Mike's on 81 because there wasn't anyone else on the road, so there were no tail lights to follow. Pretty freaky, but good practice. It didn't make me as tired as it did the last time I drove in those conditions. *yea* driving. And the roads weren't slippery, so that was good as well.

Break was amazing. Best break yet. I think I will make an entire separate post about break.
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