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Okay, here it is.

I left RIT on Saturday morning instead of Sunday like I had originally planned. Went to Mike's and stayed 'til Sunday morning. Drove home after Church. (I think I posted about that already, so I'll spare you the details.)

The days at home before Christmas were full of cookie-making, present-wrapping, shopping, and various other errands. I love errands. Can I get a job where all I do is run errands? That would be awesome. Mom made all the foods I love and all was wonderful (except my pants are tighter than usual now. :-P). Christmas was good, yet stressful. Left for NJ Christmas Eve. Everyone was there, yada, yada, yada. Got a Kohl's gift card from Kristy, who was my secret santa. Ironically, I was her's, as well... I got her a kids board game for when she student teaches. She is going to be the awesomest teacher. *yea* We went to "the old church" for Christmas Eve service - 8pm. This is the church were I was baptised. The sermon was good, but as usual, it was sad to see that the church is really falling apart - tiny congregation and not much money or support. :-( My grandparents don't even belong there anymore. We watched lots of "A Christmas Story"

Christmas day was good. I think we ate 5000000 meals. It was nutso. I easily become addicted to eatting. Especially when it is yummy foods. I got some old books from my grandparents - David Copperfield, Wuthering Heights, a collection of Poe, and an ancient thesaurus. I finished Wuthering Heights already. I really liked it -- the language is just so much fun! *yea* middle English! :-P Yeah, I'm nuts. I love it. Also got some fun socks (bears iceskating!) and the traditional Santa.

Left G&G's the day after Christmas and went to Union on the way home. Liz and Albert hadn't seen the house before and my mom hadn't been inside since my great-grandparents lived there. (Union = house in Union, NJ that has been in our family for 3 generations) So that was cool. We got a full tour. Didn't get home 'til late.

We had "Christmas Day" on Tuesday morning. This means that Santa came and we opened stockings. That's really it. Liz and Mom went shopping for Liz's party.

Party was Wednesday. Insane. I don't think we've ever had that many people in our basement. 30+ teenagers in our (newly renavated) basment! wooooo. Liz had a great time and I even got to play Catchphrase and Trivial Pursuit with them for a while. *yea* for games! Definitely a successful party. I'm still working on getting the pictures that Albert took with my camera on the internet. Anyone have any good suggestions for open source photoalbum applications that are easy to install? Want to do that soon.

Thursday... um. Something happend. Oh, yeah, we opened our presents! *yea* I got lots of food baskets and such. Lots of nuts. Chocolate covered nuts. OH, yeah... and strange chocolate covered candy coated fruit bits. :-D Weirdness. Liz got me the Acoustic Maroon 5 CD! *YEA* I jumped around for a while. Everyone like my presents that I got them, too. Albert beat the game I got him (HP:POA) in about 2 days. He is crazy gaming-maniac! WOOOOO!

New Year's Eve we watched old home videos. I am such a star. *yea* I'm really excited to put them all on DVD ASAP so that I can forever preserve my cuteness. Any software/hardware that you want to recommend, please feel freee. :-) We didn't miss the dropping of the ball/balona/wrench/rose/strawberry/goat/pickle/etc this year, either. Although, now that staying up past midnight is no longer such a big deal, the magic has really gone out of the whole thing. Oh, well.

At some point in there, I fixed Karin's computer all up. It had 511 spy-ware-type-thingies. Ad-aware freaked out. It took a while. I taught Karin how to run ad-aware, do virus scans, update windows, and use a firewall. I am awesome. I have so much more patience than I've ever had before. I really impressed myself. We also figured out her UPS and it's weird phone jacks/ethernet jacks. Case solved.

Class soon. More later. if I'm bored.
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