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VA controversy!

Well, because I'm a research/stalker whore, when I read this post in Brie's journal I had to find out more. If anyone cares, here's the exact wording of the e-mail that I got back from Rep. Cosgrove.


I am Delegate Cosgrove and I wish to respond to the allegations that have been made by those who have emailed and called my office. The intent of House Bill 1677 is to require the notification of authorities of a delivery of a baby that is dead and the mother has not been attended by a medical professional. This bill was requested by the Chesapeake Police Department in its legislative package due to instances of full term babies who were abandoned shortly after birth. These poor children died horrible deaths and all that the person responsible could be charged with is the improper disposal of a human body.

The requirement for twelve hours comes from the method that a coroner would use to determine if the child had been born alive or dead. After twelve hours, it becomes next to impossible to determine if the child was alive due to decomposition gasses that build up in the body.

My bill in no way intends that a woman who suffers a miscarriage should be charged for not notifying authorities. The bill in no way mentions miscarriages, only deliveries. After discussing the bill again with our legislative services lawyers, I will include language that will define the bill to apply only to those babies that are abandoned as stated above.

I would never inflict this type of emotional torture on a woman who has suffered such a traumatic event as a miscarriage, and I am confident that the General Assembly of Virginia would also not pass such a terrible imposition on a woman.

I hope that you will understand the original intent of this bill. This bill has nothing to do with abortion, contraception and especially miscarriages. If you were alarmed by this bill or by the websites, I am sorry. I hope that this will explain the concept and intent of this bill.


John A. Cosgrove


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Jan. 8th, 2005 04:24 pm (UTC)

Google doesn't turn up any direct statements on abortion by Cosgrove, but he is connected to another fetal death bill -- one that would make harming a fetus during an attack on a pregnant woman a separate crime. This bill and others like it could be a roundabout attempt to redefine the legal status of a fetus. The governor of Virginia amended the bill to specifically keep abortion legal, and it look like this one has been stopped in its tracks as well. Thanks for doing your part to keep people honest.

Cosgrove is also leading the legislative fight against gay marriage in Virginia, which makes him a scumbag in my book, but YMMV.
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