Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

The Years in review....

Okay, fine. I'll start with this morning when I got up @ 5am to get ready to leave for RIT! (Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Deitz!)

I have yet to fully understand myself... Why am I so needy? What happened to the 'independent Catherine'?

I got an "A" in Discrete Math! Go me! :-)

Yet another test is approching... wish me luck. I think I need it.

First Day of May!
Only three weeks left in Rochester....
This is about the sadest thing ever.

I think I'm too old for this or something... I worked from 8-4:30 today... and it didn't help that it was quite boring when I had exhausted the short list of "busy" work that we could do.

hehe... crazy-fun night at work... I wasn't loosing my sanity like I was last night either(I was walking around with different Hershey's Plush dolls on my head)... To night I worked with some of the older "life-ers".. employees in their 50s that work there for fun and for the money.. but a more permanent thing.

Wow.... I almost forgot how to type! I got home late last night from a very long vacation. I

And now that it's September... I definitely started the month off on the right foot!

Happy First of October!
... where'd September go?


I do believe I've melted.

I wrote this in reply to Jeremy's earlier post, but it was just so good I thought I better let everyone get a chance to read it. :-)

Happy New Year!

A toast wishing everyone well in the new year... let's hope this one is better than the last.

Today was my Anhueser-Busch interview... went well.. .very much lots of talking about me.. for about 4 hours straight... 'twas fun, but repetative.... Thursday was Microsoft, which also went well... I'd love to post detailed descriptions, but I already promised myself I'd be asleep already.

Okay, so I drove the whole way from Rochester to Hummelstown... about 5 hours... we stopped at the Turkey Farm for gas... and my mom and I listened to Beethoven's Last Night (TSO) and then my Billy Joel compliations... that was fun... she couldn't believe that I could play some of the stuff. :-)

It was freaky and weird...
Okay, there was a river and it was running along a path in a rainforest. We had to sit in different sections of the trees where these nifty hanging basket kinda things were... we were supposed to be living there 'til something good happened.

I could have walked through the parking lot forever.
Walking with my book bag snuggly on my back,
walking with my un-needed coat slung over my arm,
walking, reading the newest GDT,
amused to no end.

Livejournal isn't blocked from work! \/\/007!

I'm waiting on a phone call from my mentor/co-worker(Nancy) so that we can review what I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks....

The moment you've all been waiting for... my Clearwater post! :-)

Beach time! Let's hope it isn't raining all weekend.... otherwise I will be very wet while I'm playing mini-golf! :-P

I will have a car at RIT. :-D
Atleast until Brick City Weekend. :-)

What a way to start October... Keenspot is down... :-(

I woke up because it is hot.


Had my first class of winter quarter this afternoon. Interface Design with Professor Schull.

I love ringing in the New Year with my family, but I'd love it even more if Mike were with me.

If you scared someone half-to-death twice, would that make them completely dead?

I'm going to be heading back to Rochester on Friday and picking up Mike along the way... he'll be here 'til sometime on Sunday... haven't decided how late yet and it might end up being 'til Monday.

Listening to Jazz in the rain is the sweetest thing... of course it could have been sweeter if someone had been holding my hand....

"Started" going to bed at 1:30....... now it's three. How does this happen?

Started off the day with lots of anxiety. I had a doctors appointment around 10am to have a Nerve Conduction Test done on my wrist and arms and a EMG on the same body parts.

When I get home, I will write about my plans for the weekend. I keep forgetting. :-P

... to [info]blondieoz who finally got a livejournal!

Hooray! We love Elga. :-)

The rest of the Heather Days:
Was Rochester day. I parked the car in the Center St. parking ramp and we walked over to the Gonda Building to find out tour. Asked 3-5 people where the Judd Auditorium was and finally found it.

Today would have been the most perfectest day to sleep in. So I did. :-P I love that I can basically come in to work when I feel like it.

Well, as you can read here, my wireless was out this morning, so my computer is currently shut down! *GASP* Leave me messages here if necessary.

I started writing this in an e-mail to Mike, but it stopped being personal and just got rambly.. I think is a better place for it.

Well, that's 3 full years of my life documented on teh uberweb. Who woulda thunk it? It's been fun. :-) Hurray 2005!
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