Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Watch out!

So, it's the middle of the 5th week.  Which, someone pointed out yesterday is the exact middle of the school year.  Not for me, though!  It's 3/4ths of the way through.  Scary.  4 1/2 weeks of classes left and then one .... well, here's my finals schedule:

Course No. Course Title Day Date From To Bldg Room
0101-301-02 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING M 02/21/2005 1015AM 1215PM 12 3125
0502-451-01 CREATIVE WRITING: POETRY M 02/21/2005 1230PM 0230PM 76 1155
4002-455-02 NEEDS ASSESSMENT M 02/21/2005 0245PM 0445PM 70 1610

That is the first time that has ever happend.  Very freaky.  And lucky because it gives me the rest of finals week to pack.  I have to remember to ask Grady today when the recital will be so my parents can try and come up. :-)
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