Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

the agenda (so I don't forget)

?-8:45: Clean living area/kitchen
9am-?: SuperCuts to get HairCut
Depending on time to get Hair cut, go to Wegman
11:30 - Women's Catered Luncheon: Slaughter Building
1pm: Co-op Panel Discussion: Building 70, room 3445
Lab to type up Needs Assessment Data
3pm: Group meeting

4pm-ish: Mike arrives.... if I'm not home, will someone else be to let him in?

5pm: dinner
5:45- Leave for Hockey Game
7pm - Hockey game

Rest of the weekend:
Work on SVG, Poetry, Slam review, Needs Assessment stuff (interview?).
Saturday night: Bowling!!!! Who wants to come and where should we go?

That is all.
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