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Writing about this weekend because I should be doing homework.

Woke up early, cleaned the apt. got my hair cut. went to the women's luncheon and had an awesome catered lunch. went to the co-op luncheon. was annoyed by Govind, but I seemed to be able to give some people some good advice. Successfully acted like a "cool upperclassmen" "upperclassperson"? :-P Went to the lab... worked on Needs Assessment data input. Talked to Dad on my cell. Had a group meeting. Had NeedsAssessment-Mike drive me home. MIKE WAS HERE!!!! *yea* Made weird-microwave-rice and chicken for dinner. Went to the depressing hockey game. lj was down. Was tired from getting up at 7am. went to bed

Egg puff for breakfast/lunch. Went to the music room and played 90's trivial pursuit with Heather. Came home. Made lunch - taco mountain-ish thing. Went Bowling (full scores posted later). Came home. Played Mad Gab with Heather and Mike. Watched Nothing in Common (Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason) and made brownies. Tired. Slept.

Went to dunkin donuts for "breakfast". Food service people are dumb. Finally got correct order. Mike and I went to see the Fantastic Four trailer... er, Elektra. No sounds on the trailers... death, destruction, and more death. Watched the first 20 minutes of Elektra then snuck into the other showing that started at 1pm. Watched the trailers WITH sound and finished watching the movie. Not as bad as Daniel said. Enjoyed the movie. Came home. I read (East of Eden, John Steinbeck) while Mike molested my T1-ethernet connection and burned CDs of his conquests. Watched parts of football games. Went to China Gate for dinner. Randomly saw Amy there. Came home. Snowing. Not good roads. Tired. Mike called off of work and stayed another night. Tried to watch HP:POA. Mike fell asleep and was snoring so we couldn't hear anymore. :-P Turned off the movie and went to bed.

Woke up at a decent time. Mike and I swapped dreams of the night and talked for a while. He left at about 10:30-45. I still haven't heard if he made it home yet. Haven't started worrying yet. Will soon. :-P

And now it is now. And I'm going to work on Needs Assessment some more before I take a stab at SVG.
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