Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Stories from today:

1) RIT played LVC in Giant Center. Very awesome. Liz was distracting the hockey players with her good looks. Unfortuntly it was our team. I am convinced that is why we only won the game by 3 points. (When did she get to be 18?!??!)

2) I had a near death experiance today. We went for chinese after the game. I ended up with a piece of beef halfway down my throat blocking my airway. It was scary as hell and my life almost flashed in fron to my eyes. But then I reached in my mouth and pulled it out. it was really weird. My mom was sitting across from me and she was getting up to do the hymlic(sp?) The weirdest part was feeling it on my esophagus when i was pulling it out. Half of it was still in my mouth and I could feel it sliding down... It was like it was getting sucked in!

3) Nothing else specific. I love my family. :-D
Tags: hockey, pain
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