Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

DanceFest 2005!

I went to DanceFest last night and it was a great time. I had forgotten how much I like going to dance shows. So here's a run-down:

~ Thomas Warfield is awesome. He did a very moving tribute to the victims of the tsunami.

~ Christine (from Tap class) did a wonderful job! I am so proud of her! :-D She choreographed her own tap dance and did a wonderful job using space. The only problem was they didn't have floor mics and the curtain was up, so the tap sounds weren't all that clear. But she had an awesome 20s style and really worked the music (Sultry Swing, Benny Goodman).

~ The hip-hop type dancing was so much fun to watch. I was bopping around in my seat. :-)

~ "Chess Game"... hm. what to say? It had it's good moments. It was choreographed by Warfield as well but in homage to Alwin Nikolai, a famous (supposedly) choreographer. It was in imitation of a chess game, except very abstract. The lighting was awesome... it looked like there was a chess board on the floor. The dance didn't really fit the music, though, there would be a climax in motion and no climax in music or vice-versa. It was distracting. And then the ending of the dance was kinda dumb. The execution of the choreography was done well, though. Again, *yea* Christine!

~ 5 people from the swing club did a bit of impromptu stuff to "It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing"... 3 of the people were good enough to be on stage. It was kinda strange how they did it... switching off partners while the other three would just jive in the back. Could have been more, um, choreograph-ful. :-P

~ The Beloved. Original Choreography by Lester Horton(1906-1953). It was powerful to say the least and definitely made a statement. I want to know how they do "original" choreography like that, though. Never made much sense to me. Is it all written down somewhere?

~ ONE! Very cute dance done by what seemed to be a bunch of relatives (at least, they mostly have the same last names. :-P) There was a little girl, no more than 6 years old. She was having so much fun! It was adorable.

~ Ah, the ballet piece! "Fluers de Printemps"... the dancers looked like they stepped right out of that Monet painting! And the girl that did the toe dancing was very good. I'm always impressed with toe dancing.

~ "Dance from my Teacher" Okay, this guy tapped. And I do me tapped. No music for about 2 minute straight. He did some stuff that I know how to do, but is just more impressive when you're on a stage. :-P He also did these things that Linda was showing us in class the other day where you hitch your leg and jump over it with your other leg. Yeah, he did that repeatedly. It was awesome. He also did a jump-roping type thing with 2 bandanas that were tied together. Whoa, cool. :-) And you could hear his tapping because he did it all in front of the curtain.

~ Thriller. Erin (from Tap class) as Michael Jackson! She did a great job and so did the zombies. It was totally cool.

There were a bunch more pieces, but I'm done writing now. Go see it! It's open 'til Sunday!

Random Trivia from my oatmeal:
Q: What are the "dog days" of summer?

A: It is the time of the year when Sirius, the "Dog Star," appears on the horizon, just before the sun rises in the morning.
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