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best. site. ever.

From Brie:

I am forced to post a good link, because I really haven't in a while, and apparently, this is one of the 2 things I'm good for, according to memeslayer

memeslayer (9:37:54 PM): (Although I may bother you again later, just for cheap thrills)
memeslayer(9:38:03 PM): (Or not. One never knows)
tenthz (9:38:05 PM): haha... glad I'm good for something.
memeslayer (9:38:15 PM): Don't be too happy. That's all you're good for. :-P
tenthz (9:38:33 PM): =-O
tenthz (9:38:48 PM): I'm sure I could find someone to disagree with you.
memeslayer (9:38:57 PM): I'm just kidding. You're also good for producing random links on LJ.
tenthz (9:39:19 PM): lol. thanks. :-D
memeslayer (9:39:23 PM): :-)
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