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The surprises of wonderful Rochester...

Okay. My parents took me to the farmers market in Rochester... I didn't even know there was one!!!! :-O It was really cool. I got an AWESOME friggen chair. Ergo-nomic or something... but I've been looking for one like this for a long time(3 years?).. and I finally got one for 10 bucks(thanks to my father's awesome bargaining skills!)
Dad-"This thing's a piece of junk and it smells."
Shop Guy(just coming into the room)-"Isn't that a great chair? And it's in such great condition."
Dad-"Um... if you say so. It's missing a peg."
S.G. -"So it is.... you could pick one up a chase-pitkin."
Dad(raises eye-brow)-".... um, if you say so."
*I examine it intently*
Dad(unsure)-"I'll give ya 10 bucks for it?"

hehehe.. thanks, again, Dad!! :-)
I think it's in very nice condition... and I'm still not sure if my dad thinks its a piece of crap or not, but it was nice of him to get the guy to half the price. :-)
My "RIT provided" chair is now nicely stashed under my bed.. and I'm very comfortable... :-) Yeah!!!
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