Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

for those of you with iPods....

Q. What steps can I take to make my iPod's battery last longer?
A. Before you use your iPod for the first time, charge it. I know,
waiting to play with a new gadget is torture!

Since the iPod's battery is Lithium-ion, it doesn't need to
be conditioned. However, how you use it will affect the
battery's lifespan.

Like all batteries, the one in your iPod has a limited number of charge
cycles. A charge cycle is a full discharge and a full charge. Don't
allow the battery to discharge every time you use it. Frequent partial
charges are better.

However, Apple recommends that you fully discharge and charge your iPod
once a month. This ensures that the battery charge meter is well-
calibrated. The battery icon will reflect the actual charge left in
the iPod.

Most importantly, keep your iPod cool. Temperatures over 95 degrees
Fahrenheit will degrade the battery. Obviously, you shouldn't leave
your iPod in the car on a hot day. Don't leave it in direct sunlight,
either. Also, Apple warns against charging your iPod in a case.
Although some cases are designed for this, they can hold in heat.

Lastly, if you're storing your iPod for more than six months,
leave it 50% charged. Storing it with a full charge can harm the
battery capacity. However, a partial charge is needed to keep the
battery active.

According to Apple, the battery should hold 80% of its original
capacity after 400 charge cycles. If you notice the battery capacity
dwindling, check for software updates. Sometimes a software update can
increase playtime. Visit the iPod Updater page for information on

If the iPod's hard drive becomes fragmented, it will use more battery
power. Fragmentation forces it to work harder to assemble music files.
It might appear that the battery capacity is diminishing when it isn't.

The best way to defragment your iPod is with a full restore. This will
reformat the drive and erase everything on your iPod. In the process,
the drive will be defragmented. Apple's support site has information on
restoring your iPod at:

The warranty covers defective batteries for one year. AppleCare, an
extended warranty, is available for $59. It will cover the battery for
a second year. If the battery capacity falls below 50 percent, Apple
will replace it. AppleCare is not available to Florida residents.

After the warranty expires, Apple charges $99 to replace the battery.
For more information, visit the Apple Web site at:

You can buy a replacement battery at a significant discount on the Web.
But you'll have to replace it yourself. Laptops for Less sells
replacement batteries for $29. The site also posts instructions on
opening an iPod. Its site is at:

Personally, I'd rather not risk scratching my iPod with a screwdriver.
But maybe you don't mind a few scratches.

Remember, the battery will eventually expire, whether you use it
or not. So use it frequently. I use mine every chance I get!

See you tomorrow!
Kim :)

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