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Wow... I haven't posted anything with any content in a while.. well, a while for me... I finally finished my Computer Concepts programming so I'm taking a little break before I dive head first into my JAVA program. :-P When did all this work sneak up on me? And I have some paper due dates looming in the 8th week.. I need to keep reminding myself that the 8th week is the week after next!!!!! :-O

On an exciting note, I just got official conformation that I'm hired as an Orientation Assistant for the New Student Orientation in the Fall(the week before classes start)... I'll get to come back a week early! Yeah! And RITSMA has an official 'in' on the whole processes! Yea!

Darn it all! AIM just disconnected... looks like the service is down... bah!! Grrrr...
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