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church survey thing from heather

Do you attend church regularly? For the most part.
How often do you spend in private religious activity (such as prayer, meditation or Bible study)? an hour or so a day.
Which of the above do you do more of/least of/not at all? Any particular reason? most mediation-type prayer... least, bible study... I like to read research stuff about the bible and Jesus' life, but I rarely find something that means anything to me.
Do you feel like you experience God's presence in your life? In what ways? All the time... if you just open your eyes you can see Him all around you! It's like "whoooooooaaaaa"
Do you think that your religious/spiritual beliefs govern your entire approach to life? I would say, subconsciously they do, because it's a big deal for me.
Do you make an effort to carry over your religious life to other aspects of your life? No, not consciously, but my spirituality is part of who I am, so I think it does affect most of what I do.

Do you believe that God always answers all prayer? I think He listens... whether He answers the way we want him to or not is another story.
Do you tend to do more praising or petitioning? Over all, about equal, I would say.
Are you thankful for even the things you don't really understand? I think I'd need a good example to answer this one completely.
No matter what God's 'answer' is do you believe that it's always for the good? I think He has a plan... you know, the rapture, the second coming, whatever, we're being set up!
Do you feel like your faith is strengthened when you believe a prayer has been answered? Not particularly, but it certainly does help!
If an 'answer' is to wait it out, are you able to do so without reservation? Patience is a virtue!
Do you tend to pray all throughout the day? Yes.
Do you pray more when you 'don't really feel like it', or do you just not do it? don't feel like it? what?
Are you comfortable praying in public? Out loud or silently? I pray silently a lot and people don't' even know it.
Do you feel that your prayer life is growing or diminishing? It ebbs and flows.




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