Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


well, that was 3 non-content posts right in a row. So for those of you who are interested in what's going on with me... here is a brief update. I am looking for a job. NY, NJ, PA, MD, and New England are the areas that I'm looking at. Mostly PA, NY, and NJ, though. I'm trying not to limit myself in location too much because I am looking for the perfect job. Anyone looking for a multimedia/web developer? :-P

Other than that, doing a lot of reading. I read Steve Martin's latest book ("The Pleasure of My Company") and now I'm in the middle of a Sylvia Plath biography ("rough magic"). Albert and I went to the library yesterday and I picked up The Count of Monte Cristo and The Little Prince (which is really short). So, when I'm not online job-searching or working on my resume or cooking/baking or driving people places, I'm reading. :-P

What else? Trying to avoid the rooms with televisions when other people are watching stuff... I'd really rather read (at least, that's my mind set lately) but I keep getting sucked in!! Ack! It's the Cindi-syndrome! And it would be nice if I could read in the same room as everyone else instead of secluding myself to my room all the time, but I really can't. I'm so distractible...

I've been working on my website... I added a new section for all of my 4002-536 work. I think it looks pretty darn nice. I'm going to try and put more photography up there soon so that I can look somewhat well rounded on the interweb. I also think I want to put up a page of my poetry, but I haven't had any brilliance flashes as to how I want to set it up. (ideas?)

Today was rainy and yucky. Church was great. I love our congregation. :-)
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