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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Okay, I'm in the computer lab in building 8(Gosnell, or the science building for the digitally impared). They have LOUD keyboards here! :-O Craziness. I feel like I haven't written for a while, even though I wrote a decent entry the other day.

Last night was the RITPlayers meeting... we got a lot accomplished. As usual, I walked back with Eugene and we got to have our weekly chat. Except this week, Matt caught up with us before we got settled in our normal place(Me standing by the door to the stair well).. and we ended up moving towards Gibson(Matt's dorm). So we were near the wierd-ass concrete thing that's in front of Sol. We sat down on the tree-planter and tried to figure out why they had to put stones(gravel, really) in with the trees. And while we are talking Eugene has this compulsion to throw the stones in the sewer grate(If you walk by there today, you will see all the stones around the grate.. we have bad aim in the dark. :-P ). Yeah, so then Matt left to go to the movies with his "New Media Friends"... apparently we're not good enough for them. :-P
And Eugene and I were just chatting, philosophizing, and navigating the random tree of discussion. Jamie Johnson(don't ask me who he is) came over and asked us if we had a hacky-sack. We didn't, but I suggested that he use a pinecone. He was obviously stoned, but he still thought that was a bad idea because he didn't have any shoes on. He made us introduce ourselves and also he felt the need to shake our hands like, 3 times. Finally he went away. Then we got to discuss the difference between being "high" and "tripping". Tripping is when you are on Hallusinagins and you perseve reality differently than everyone else. High is just when it makes you feel good. (Feel good = loss of brain cells). After a while, Matt comes back and is looking at us really weird; now, keep in mind, Matt usually looks at me weird anyway, but it was late so I didn't think of that. He was staring and pointing at us. And then he finally says what he's thinking, "Didn't I leave you guys in this same place over 3 hours ago?"... uummm.. yeah, it was like 1am-ish... oops! I had no idea that much time had past! Whoa.
So then Matt sits down,(again, a bad idea... sitting down has a strange effect on people) and we keep chatting. My good friend Jamie(SARCASM) comes over again.. trying to figure out what's up.. he then re-introduces himself and shows us where is room is in Sol. He also invited anyone to beat him up tomorrow(that would be, today. :-P ). Screwed up, Man. :-P hehe... Yeah, and then one of Eugene's friends comes down from Fish C(I don't know his name 'cuz no one ever does introductions around here...). He got to meet Jamie, too. :-P Then that kid left, and Matt decided that he should either go to sleep(BAD!) or work on the paper that he hadn't started that was due at noon today. I seriously don't know how that kid does it... he can stay up for like 3 days straight and then get like, 2 hours of sleep a night... insane. No one really wanted to go to their rooms 'cuz we knew it would be insanely hot.. YUCK!! :-P But, it was also, almost 2am, so it would be good to go. So we did. Crazy.

It was like, 100 degrees in my room last night, I wish I could have left the door open all night! But then the people on my floor are not trust-worthy. Period. Oh well, I'll just die of heat.

Let's see, what else? oh, yeah, I had a practical today in JAVA class... I remembered about it while I was walking to class this morning. The first 2 sections worked flawlessly(which garentees, like, a 87%), and I made up some very humerous comments for the 3rd part. I hope that gets me some points. hehehe...

I have a floor meeting tonight at 10:15.. what's up with that? Totally cuts my night in half. BAH!!! No outting after RITSMA, I guess.. :-/ But I wish I could go to Wal*Mart, 'cuz I could use a fan(other than my room mate, who's name is Fan) and some more shorts, especially if this hot weather is going to continue! Catherine in shorts!!! *GASP* I'm not uncomfortable, though... and that's what counts... I really hope that this weather cools down, I won't be able to handle it... I thought Rochester was supposed to be COLD!! :-/

That's enough.. More later.



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