Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

quick weekend update

Mostly for my reference.... I've probably missed something

Went shopping in the morning
Cleaned and tidied
Mike arrived
Hung out
Went for a walk
I made bread for the first time while Mike napped
Spaghetti and Sausage for dinner
Watched the Incredibles with commentary

Slept in
had egg puff for breakfast!
watched the rain :-P
read the comics
Went to Chocolate World
Went to Dafno's for lunch (really awesome pizza and garlicy-knot things)
Drove around Hershey ($0.99 tour)
Set Albert up with Monkey Island
Watched Incredibles Easter eggs
Found out Martin died
Ryan (Liz's man) came over for dinner and we had Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding for dinner.
Had HCW cookies for dessert
Stayed up talking/giggling with Mike, Liz and Ryan 'til all hours of the night

Slept in
ate breakfast
read the comics
Found out Pope John Paul II died
Found patches for Monkey Island
had lunch (leftovers)
Mike left (3-ish)

Got my new glasses (pictures forthcoming, maybe)
Returned Library books
Took pictures of the flooding
ate leftovers.
ate more leftovers.
typed this
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