Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

A much needed vacation.

I don't know what I was vacationing from exactly, but I certainly needed it.

Wednesday, I left around 8 and got to Rochester around 12ish. I picked up Heather and we got our caps and gowns together and then went to the IFC and socialized for a while. It truly is wonderful to know that I've made such an impact on that place. :-D I was supposed to meet Mike at 2 at the hotel, but I ended up being about 15 minutes late due to said socializing. Mike was only 13 minutes late, so he actually beat me there and then led me to believe he was waiting for 15 minutes. hehe... Anyway, we got our things settled and caught up with each other since I hadn't seen him since April 3rd. We tried to figure out what the heck we were doing as well. :-P Ended up stopping at BK (SW toys!!!) and then picking up Heather and heading to the movie theatre.

We got there around 5, I think, and proceeded to stand in the wrong line for about 20 minutes. Didn't actually hurt any, because there were only 2 groups waiting at that point for the midnight showing. We stood in line for the 7:30 sneak preview for a while and amused some small children with our 1337 light saber s|<i11z. Shortly after we switched lines, Dan (thwack) and Jamie showed up. *yea* Adam(memeslayer) showed up at some point and got flogged for bringing homework. Lame! :-P We ordered pizza and Dan and Jamie went to pick it up (I bet Dominos would have delivered to the line!!). We ate, drank, and were merry and giddy. I'm not actually sure how we managed to entertain our selves for the entire time. I never ended up doing any cross stitch or reading. Mike had his Bag 'O Lightsabers and many were challenged to duels. We were also amused by certain Govind-esk types that were in line behind us. (side note: who the heck names their child "Joyful"... e.e) More amusing than annoying, but after the line is crossed, a new opinion, hard to make. :-P

Revenge of the Sith ======= teh 4\/\/350|\/|3!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone11111!!!!!
That is all.
HaHa. I said we should go to Denny's afterwards. we were so dead, though. Much sleep was needed. So, that's what happened.

Thursday. After sleeping 'til around, oh, I don't know, noon? We decided to check out Tim Horton's since it was within walking distance. I was not extremely impressed. Burnt coffee, *shrug*-type bagels, and small portions. If you're a connoisseur of anything you want to eat there, I would suggest not. Maybe Mike's doughnut was good, but that was probably it. I threw out the bottom half of my coffee. Around 2, we headed to Groton -- swinging by the Sam's Club for gas ($2.15, good for NY at the moment). Uneventful drive.

Got to the Rohde's and hung out for a while, had a quick supper, and then we drove together to Cathy's graduation. They only had 3 tickets, so after a bit of figuring, I was successfully maneuvered into the gym/auditorium/lovely multipurpose room. I have to say, I truly enjoyed the entire ceremony. Certainly, watching strangers walking across a stage was not the most entertaining part, but the speaker was wonderful (an alum from Nigeria) and so was the graduate speaker (do not start unzipping your gown saying you have a surprise for a large crowd of people! :-P) who took pictures of the entire graduating class with his disposable camera. The whole thing was very tastefully done, and I'm very glad I was able to make it. :-) We went back to the Rohde's house, Mike and I gave Cathy our presents/cards, we had a celebratory round of Oreos, and Mike and I hit the road (again). Back to Rochester. Another long day. Sleep time.

Friday. This would be my big day. Mike and I went to Mel's Diner (the site of the first Heather/Adam set-up) for breakfast. Yummy. :-) "The Family"(Mom, Dad, Liz, Albert, Grandma, and Grandfather) met us at UC 158 around 10am and G&G got a tour of the apartment. Then, Heather was kind enough to give "The Family", Mike, and I a tour of the printing facilities and her building. From there, we toured around the IT building and then the SAU. At 1, "The Family", Mike and I went to the IT luncheon. Wonderful food as usual, and Al Biles was playing with GenJam as entertainment. *yea* From there, I had to go "line up" for Convocation, so I left my stuff with Mike and Liz and went to be bored.

Let me just say, Thank the Lord for cell phones. Cell phones make everything possible. Just like plastic.

Convocation was interesting. I got to sit next to Brie *YEA* and make sarcastic/inappropriate remarks with her. Total fun-ness. The speaker was not as focused on politics as I thought he would be, but he certainly was focused on himself. I also was surprised that they chose the moment to bestow him with an honourary degree, but, whatever. *shrug* It wasn't completely boring. :-P After convocation, we ("the family"+Mike+me") met up for the cake reception (not the amazing cake, but not aweful, either). I had approximately 0 minutes until I had to line up for Commencement. Who thought this was a good idea? blah. They could have used a bit more organization for Commencement line up. I would have liked to know WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON. If I was the first person, I would have been pissed off. Thank goodness for not having the last name of "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa." The guy pronounced my name wrong even with my procautionary measures in place. *smack* *sigh* I got a T-shirt, an awesome diploma holder thingy, and something else that I can't think of. I was told I have a "great handshake" and I did not disolve into a puddle of tears. All of these are good things.

After commencement was picture time with "The Family", Mike, Heather, and Adam. We needed a brick wall, so we went to the IFC. I hope the pictures come out. The lighting everywhere on campus sucks. It was pretty late for "The Family" so we said our goodbyes and they went back to their hotel. Heather and Adam left, and Mike and I were hungry. We started driving down Jefferson(the standard proceedure for when we don't know where we want to eat yet), decided on Perkins and invited Heather and Adam along. Again, *yea* cell phones! I will forever remember Perkins as the restaurant where I found out about Adam's compultion to "beat" every win-a-stuffed-animal-by-pulling-it-out-with-a-strange-claw game that he encounters. Fuzzy, shedding dogs are scary. Much hilarity commenced, I think we stayed 'til midnight or so. Then, much tiredness commenced, and sleep occurred.

Saturday was Heather's commencement and the day my hotel reservations ended. Mike and I packed up and got out of the hotel by check-out time, and then went to BK for more toys. :-D Then we drove to campus where the plans were to meet Heather's CLAN and Adam at the field house. We ran into Adam in the lobby, and informed him of said plan. The CLAN saved us just the right amount of seats... first row behind the graduates on the floor -- with a large aisle in front of us. Which was great, until the class processed in, and they found out they didn't have enough chairs. Then they had to add two extra rows, which left us with just a little bit more than a regular aisle. If Troy hadn't went on vacation on Thursday they wouldn't have had that problem. :-P *shrug* it worked out. After the ceremony was over, we joined The CLAN for massive picture taking and then we crashed Heather's school's reception. *yea* for food. After deciding to meet at the apartment at 5, Mike and I took a tour of the model train club room, then moved his car to the UC lot, took my car to get gas, and then stopped at Wal*Mart where Mike picked out a new watch (I couldnt' find one I liked). Then we went back to the apartment where I re-donned my "regalia" and had my picture taken with Teh Heather. Adam and Mike then stole our caps and gowns and posed as graduates. hehe... they were looking rather dashing. Or evil. Or something. :-P

Then WE ALL WENT TO THE DISTILLERY. That's right. Heather's 10 family members, Mike, Adam, Heather, and I. That makes 14. Yikes. It was crazy, and the distillery is loud to begin with. Great food, though, and good times. Heather's grandparents gave me an RIT 2005 Grad T-shirt and a keychain tassel as a graduation present. :-) I ate a lot of food.

After all this, we (Adam, Heather, Mike and I) went back to the apartment to play games with Daniel. We played Star Wars Life (Daniel is now a Sith Lord who only beat Mike the Uber-Jedi by stealling his intuision whilst his hands were tied by the rules) and Loaded Questions (Yes, Adam, the questions really are loaded as the title suggests. :-P ) After trailing for most of the game, Mike zipped to the end of the game and beat us all. Kevin(randomx) showed up to sleep on the couch and told us that you can roast Cicadias over a fire and they pop. After having a few disturbingly deep coversations, we finally decided to turn in. Since Arina moved out, there was plenty of crashing space in "my old room." All went quiet well in that regard. Heather has some sort of virus on her computer which I was not able to fix in my weakened state of tiredness. Also, the information I looked up said that there should have been certain registry entries to clear out, but they did not exist, so I dont' know what's going on. *shrug* so far, it's not being destructive. Then, it was again, time for sleep.

Sunday. When my alarm went off, I discovered that I didn't get nearly enough sleep, so I dozed for a while. Then we kicked into high gear and dressed, packed and said our goodbyes in about half an hour. Impressive for our otherwise slow-moving tendancies. Mike and I went to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and said our goodbyes in the parking lot. Then I found my way to Ghislaine's church and was only a few minutes late(I was the first of many people that came in late, so I didn't feel very bad), but they hadn't really started yet. I really enjoyed the service - I usually enjoy Holy Trinity Sunday and the fact that Ghislaine decided to group it with Confirmation made it even more interesting. I think the two topics go together very well. Perhaps even better than Pentecost/Cofirmation, but that's an entirely different post. One thing that was crazy -- the whole congregation today was made up of the four families of the confirmands. During the sharing of the peace, Ghislaine had to actually yell above the commotion to get everyone to STOP SHARING PEACE and get on with the service. :-P This was her last resort after she'd already been standing at the pulpit for a while, had the organist start playing something, and speaking very loudly. It was quite amusing. :-)

Directly after church, I hit the road for home (after I found my way to 390). The drive was almost uneventful, except for the morons that decided to be jerks and drive recklessly. I was extremely close to calling the cops (or soemthing!!) when they finally stopped (I'll try to post about this later in more detail). Other than that one incident, though, the drive was very pleasant. I stopped at the Lycoming Mall for an Orange Julius and Auntie Ann's pretzels for lunch, but that was about it. There were lots of busses full of old people at the mall. It was amusing. I got home, as predicted, around 5.

That was pretty darn long, but I think I'll leave it un-cut since I haven't posted anything with content in a really long time.

Upcoming events of some interest for those who care
May 28th: My 22nd birthday. *shrug* Nothing planned, possible trip to NJ
June-ish(?): Mike and I --> "The Park"
June 5th: Liz's Baccalaureate
June 8th: Liz's Graduation
July 23rd: Seth Horan in Syracuse (?)
August 13th: Los Grandos Picncos Ocho 2005
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